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Arm swing for amateurs - says Padraig.   Swing Instructions, Tips, etc.

Started Jun-27 by BOGEYSBGONE; 1091 views.

I've been a fan for this for a while.

I posted a bit on it on the original site.  I had a revelation some years back when I was first delving into the Golfing Machine.  Learning what my hands and arms were supposed to be doing at impact and seeing such an immediate benefit, I realized I'd never really been taught that before.  Reading a lot of articles in magazines or listening to better players or tour players didn't help, either.  You hear tour players and tour based coaches talk about the body being the engine and the hands being along for the ride because they already use their hands and arms correctly.  DJ learned how to deloft the club and keep his hands ahead with some lean when he was 10.  By 15 and 10's of thousands of balls later, it doesn't need to be a conscious thought; it's habit.  DJ can then focus on pivot and side bend and all that other stuff.

IMO, the order of learning should be this:

1. How do the hands, wrists, and arms deliver the club head to the ball.  This is 70% of the learning.  You can play some pretty dang good golf just really focusing on this.  A lot of good pivot stuff will naturally occur as you enable your hands to do what you want.

2. How to optimize the pivot and setup to produce a little more consistency and dial in the ball flight.

3. How to optimize the sequencing and ground forces to maximize speed.


And somewhere around stage 2 and 3, you also learn how to manipulate things in the swing to produce different flights and curves.

The reason I say number 1 is 70% of the battle is that when you learn good impact alignments and arm and hand motions, you can end up with a slightly funky swing that hits it solid.  It might be a 140 yard 8 iron with 15 yards of fade and a 240 yard driver with 30 yards of fade, but it will be reliable.  You can play with that.  Are you going to win a U.S. Open?  Nope.  But you can shoot 77 from the whites.  And for a 90% of golfing world, that's a hell of an improvement.



From: hardpan1


the Arm Swing Illusion

The Arm Swing Illusion

This video is an extract from Jim Waldron's "Great Shot" DVD series shot in 1997. The Arm Swing Illusion is one of the cornerstone principles of his Balance ...

Boomslang (DaveP8)

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Excellent!  It makes perfect sense.  Back when I played a lot of doubles tennis with the seniors, when I was setting up for a big forehand, my body took the racquet back like he's showing with the club.  Guys at the net feared that shot.  I must go to the range now!


Dave P


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I remember Jack changing slightly as he got older, he called it a rounder swing, hands not quite so high but plenty deep. No yank down.