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Oh no...graphite shafts...   Golf Equipment

Started Jun-27 by Luvpings (luvpings1); 759 views.


Some of you may remember my various postings of playing anywhere from 30 to 50 holes 2-3 times per week.  And other posts about my beloved Zing2 irons with steel shafts.

Well, I stupidly perused the local Craigslists this morning...and now I have a set of Ping G25 with graphite shafts in my garage.  R flex, green dot +3/4", 4-UW with brand new SuperStroke midsize grips...a pretty much perfect fit for me (full disclosure I don't like the Winn-like texture of the grips..but they are definitely more firm than a Winn grip so I will give them a try).

I have been noticing mild aches and pains in my wrists/elbows/shoulders the last 4-5 months.  Nothing severe and usually "sets in" after I get done playing. One of those things that you only notice it when you think about it.  It will be interesting to see if using graphite shafts eliminates or lessens the aches and pains.  My only hesitation is this could be starting me down the road that leads to white velcro shoes, a suction cup on the end of my putter grip, and a telescoping ball retriever in my bag.


From: hardpan1


Don't forget long socks and shorts with suspenders!  Let us know how the newer sticks work out.

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V-Blade (VSDtrek1)

From: V-Blade (VSDtrek1)


I’ve had surgeries on both rotators and missed two seasons.  Before that, was already beginning to struggle with DG S300s.  I bought a set of Daiwa Hi-Trac Tours for cheap between the two procedures just to tap around in the practice field.  I really liked them and it caused me to rethink irons.  Since then, I bought a set of Titleist 735 CMs with heavy R-flex graphite.  Graphite has been good for my joints and the weight for my swing mechanics.  My beloved steel sets haven’t been used for years.  

Given the cost and constant changes in models, it’s harder to experiment vs. just finding a set with the usual DG or whatever.  What I found helpful with my cheap Daiwas (actually playing them now) is getting some extra weight added to the head.  Used those little tungsten squares and they must have some fairy dust in the mix. 



Played today.  Very warm with strong winds and African dust haze.

After a poor driver to start the festivities (absolutely no warm up..not even waggle), I figured a 4-iron was the perfect club for the next shot.  Still don' know if it was the perfect club as I hit it just horribly...a short liner that faded right.  Ugh...not the way to start off with the new irons...but I told myself no warmup.  Ended up with a double on that hole...errrr! Second hole I put a hard 9-iron pin high but a little draw kept it on the left side of the green.  Third hole..a 170 yard par 3 with some helping wind.  I busted a 6-iron, believing I really needed a 5.  I was right..it found the front of the green but some 20 feet short.   4th hole found the rough off the tee then again with my next shot, but was able to put a strong 7 onto the back of the green..three putts for a double.  Still don't know if I mis-clubbed or if it was a flyer.  5ht hole loooong par 4.  Hit a 4-iron for my second shot just because.  No way to get on the green..didn't matter..another low liner...double!  6th hole par 5.  Second shot with a 5-iron..thing of beauty with a slight draw.  Into the wind so who knows the distance...followed up with a 8 irons just over the green..puttable!.  7th hole 200 yard par 3...used a wood.  Second shot on #8 with a 6-iron pin high right.  Nice shot.  Felt great.  Liking the mid-irons!  9th hole par 5..second shot another 4-iron..and another low liner..hmmm.  Then an 8-iron a bit long and right..sailed with the wind...liking the short irons!  10th hole stuck a 9 iron tight to the downhill green but missed the putt.  Ugh.  #11 is another long par 4..but downwind and a 6-iron went long left but still an easy two putt.  Loving the 6 iron!  #12 short par 3 found a 9-iron just over the green..again downwind..texas wedged it close.  #13 is a very short par 4...6-iron followed by a 7-iron pin high left.  Oh yeah liking them.  #14 quirkily par 5 second shot was another low liner 4-iron...wanted to try it again..followed by a  near perfect 7 iron just over the pin.  Missed the putt.  $15 found the rough left.  But a smashed 7-iron was pin high left on the green.  #16 used a 9 for my downwind approach...best birdie chance of the day..nope.  #17 short par 3 downhill into the wind.  Pulled a 7 iron left as I usually do..another Texas Wedge followed by a par put.  And the final hole was as great drive with an uphill side wind 9-iron...a bit chunky but found the front of the green.  Two putts for an even par back 9 after a +6  on the front.  I then played 9 more just hitting multiple shots on each hole, trying to work the irons and also my driver after adjusting it down to 9.5*. 

So here is my way too preliminary review:

I have a mental block with the 4-iron...just try to kill it with bad results.  Probably need a shrink here or some type of exorcism on the iron!

The irons are noticeably lighter, but I have no problem tracking the head during the swing.

Distance is as expected since they are stronger lofted than my Zing2's..but it seems I can squeeze some extra out of the shorter irons when needed compared to the Zing2s.

Short irons (9/PW/UW) have great full swing gaps..unlike other G irons I have played (G, GMax, G400)

When I overswing with good contact, a draw will be the result.  Never really hit any fade off of good contact.

The 50* UW is definitely more clunky for chipping around the green compared to the Zing2 52* SW.  Will need some practice...seems more shaft lean helped.

They are very pleasing to the eye.

I guess shooting a 77 first time out with no warmup earned them another chance!  Hopefully tomorrow.


From: hardpan1


Nice review LP!  They do sound promising...I don't even Have a 4 iron, that's hybrid country!

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Nice round.  I have been looking at zing 2 wedges on eBay, and am thinking of picking up a few to tinker with.

when I switched to edels, I got graphite, and love them,  I would not go back to steel...I was surprised I liked them as much as I did.

One round is way too early to talk about graphite reducing my aches and pains, but common knowledge says they will.

I did realize last night that carrying my bag back to my car, loaded with 40-50 found balls, doesn't help my left elbow!  Our bag drop is suspended and I hate to leave my clubs there unsupervised for the 2-3 minutes they would be out of my sight.  It would take a person no more than 20 seconds to throw them in a vehicle and be out on the street.




Do you ride or walk and carry?

I would suggest taking a small nylon or net bag (they give these away at conferences and stuff) with you and stuff it in your bag - it weighs nothing and takes up no space.   But if golfing also becomes an "easter egg hunt" on some days, put the balls in the bag.  As it gets heavier (40-50 balls is heavy man!) carry the bag in your left hand (if your golf bag is over your right.  Makes the balls lighter to carry for your left hand, and the right shoulder is lighter too - and you're actually balanced - less tiring.


I need my right hand for my personal cooler and Yeti. The Yeti is usually still had some beverage in it.  Quite the balancing act.  I tried the cooler and Yeti in the left hand, but usually end up spilling a bit.




LOL - you are quite the partier!   Whatever - it sounds like you have a good time when you play golf.  Awesome.