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Robb I am proud of you...   Golf talk

Started Jun-27 by ken1putt (kenoneputt); 224 views.

Against all odds, this forum has become about golf, and the "other" one that doesn't even have a Futility Folder has fewer golf posts and more BS posts. (I just noticed Hal locked their #1 thread, LOL)

It is virtually 100% your doing. By starting multiple threads on golf, you have made a difference.

I hope it was on purpose.

Regardless, THANK YOU.

Don't be fooled, however, I am still up for anything in the Futility Folder, but this is also nice.

And finally, I was going to post to you in that thread over there that you needed to let J1m go. There's no way he came here with the goal or participating. His goal from the beginning had to be nothing more than an effort to get banned so he could go back and crow, "See, I told you so."

Which he hoped would get him pats on the back all around...and it did.

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


I have made a point to engage more about golf since coming here amd not participating as much in politics.  I have also made a point to stop watching the news and zi even avoid some of my other hobby forums (guns/shooting) because they are full of nothing but negativity and anger and I feel it darkening my countenance Nd soul, and with all I have going on, I need a positive mental attitude and outlook...not darkness.

When I sold all of my fishing gear, it hurt me.  I watched a lot of memories sort of leave, and yes, I have been fighting depression over it.  When I would get up at 330 am and drive down the beach in search of sea monsters, and I would see the sun come up, smell the salt, feel the sand on my feet, sight fish andantes have a successful hunt was just so deeply satisfying I cannot describe how it just made me joyful...well...that is gone, and just going to the beach is not the same. I have an awesome Jeep that I hardly drive now, and I need to see it, but am struggling to being myself to do it.  If I was not in need of a transplant, I would have my house listed for sale and would be moving to the hill country and leaving the coast.

golf and shooting are replacing fishing, and I am just trying to re-kindle the excitement for the game and the gear and the work and effort to become a competent and eventually good golfer again is a challenge I want and need in my life.  Right now I am enjoying the hunt for the perfect wedge and working on my swing and basics...golf is fun again.


I might have missed it...did you give up fishing for health related reasons?

My son and I took a charter boat out of Tarpon Springs FL (just North of Tampa) two weeks ago.  A smallish 26' boat with just me, my son and the Captain.  We motored about 34 miles out into he golf...no land in sight, no other vessels in sight most of the time.  About 18" of chop on the water.  Quite serene actually.   My son caught 11 Nag and Red Grouper.  I caught 0.  The Captain caught 0.  I could only laugh about it as I had my son "bless" the rod/reel, kiss the bait, whatever.  Nothing worked for me.  Did hook 4-5 of them, just did not get them in the boat.  But at one point, after my son hooked what the Captain beloved was a shark pulling up yet another Grouper, the Captain hooked into something big..he believed a Goliath Grouper.  He handed me the rod/reel...what an absolute adrenaline rush to be fighting that beast, drag squealing as it tried to pull me overboard.  As expected and as with my son and the shark, the leader eventually snapped.  That two minutes was worth the price of admission and 8+ hours on the water.  Combined with our fishing trip to MN last summer, I really have the fishing bug (had it as a kid growing up in MN)..but sadly not much around SA.   There is a local creek that I have had good luck at that basically is un-fishable from June-Sept being shallow/overgrown.  Actually sold a couple Scotty putters to raise funds to upgrade my freshwater Spinning and Baitcast gear.  Have the reels...just trying to decide on the rods.  Will likely be the last ones I ever buy.  I don't have a truck so 2-piece rods make sense, but come on..a 2 piece rod?   Isn't that like having Dunlop irons?

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)



Yes I gave it up due to health reasons.  When I went for my first transplant consult, one of the things they said was an absolute was 'no swimming/wading/entering natural bodies of water or public pools".  I inquired about fishing and they shot it down.  The risk of being stuck with a fin or cut or a stray hook and picking up some kind of bacterial infection is high, as well as the bacterial rates in the gulf and bay around here is terrible.  I sold all of my surf fishing gear.

As far as one vs. two piece rods...two piece rods have their place.  I have both, and prefer a solid single blank, but my long surf rods were all two pieces and a couple of my other rods were to to make transport easier.

I love going offshore, when the water turns that deep blue and it is like a giant jewel you can look into it's truly an amazing experience.  I love dropping for snapper/grouper much more than I do trolling.  Although, finding a weed line and looking for Mahi, triple tail, and other species is fun.  A few years ago a buddy of mine jumped out to spear a Mahi and he very quickly climbed back in when he saw a MASSIVE shark under the weed mat!!!!!  

I may get cleared to fish again one day, but it is going to be a long while.

We also brought some fishing gear with us to FL as we were staying at a lake house.  They were all 2-piece rods in a telescoping rod caddy (left my two 1-piece at home).  That caddy would extend to hold up to 91", but it gets pretty flimsy.  I was much more comfortable with Delta handling it when it was not extended..basically providing twice the protection.  Everything I read is that todays 2-piece rods, think a 7' spinning or casting rod, are 99.9% equal to a 1-piece.  Not sure I buy that, but even at 80% I probably could not tell the difference and likely would not cost me any fish.  Looking at either St Croix or G Loomis in the $150 +/- range.

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Those are awesome rods.  Believe it or not, I did not buy really high end expensive gear.  My "Lure" rods for the surf were Wright-McGill Blair Wiggins 8' spinning rods that cost about $100 bucks each.  They were tough, long casting, and a great bang for the buck.  My 'pier' rods were Tica Dolphin 8' MH spinning rods with a lot of backbone.  

My only truly custom rod is an inshore rod Kim had built for my birthday, a 7'6" Medium casting rod by BillyStix in Florida...I won't be selling that one.

For lures and live bait fishing, I like a rod that is called 'medium fast'...has a stronger backbone near the handle, but a more active tip section for casting and moving baits when necessary.  St. Croix makes good stuff as does G. Loomis.  I have both and like them.

flatstik (gregf82)

From: flatstik (gregf82)


Ken, I am glad you posted this, and I agree 110%.  Robb is tireless in making things work.  I always enjoy hearing from other golfers in the FF - it's like a big grillroom - but golf needs to have the primary focus here and Robb is key in making that happen. 

It's great what Robb is doing - but iirc, you have a huge store of knowledge of golf course architecture and I hope you can find time to post more on that too.  




Thank you Ken - team effort.   Glad I'm part of it.  You guys are what make it fun and great.