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An Alternative To Twitter   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Jun-28 by MikeJA; 106 views.

From: MikeJA


Conservatives turn to bias-free alternative to Twitter

Given the anti-Trump and anti-conservative bias of Twitter, it seemed likely that an alternative platform would come to the fore. Now, it looks like one has.

According to this report by CNBC (which can’t be happy about it), a social medium platform called Parler is suddenly making huge strides. After a Wall Street Journal story reported that Team Trump is looking for alternatives to Twitter and Facebook, and mentioned Parler as such an alternative, Parler quickly became the top-ranked iPhone app in the news category, ahead of Twitter and Reddit. The number of Parler users increased from 1 million to 1.5 million in about a week, according to Parler’s 27-year-old founder and CEO John Matze.

Jim Jordan, Elise Stefanik and Nikki Haley all joined during this period. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Devin Nunes were already on board. Will President Trump join them?


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racerX (99camaroSS)

From: racerX (99camaroSS)


It's what Jaime and people like him did here. There's always a better mouse trap out there somewhere so it's just a matter of time.