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'Laptop' or '2 in 1' for college student   Non-Golf Folder (General)

Started Jul-7 by butchcc; 249 views.

From: butchcc


Thoughts/opinions would be appreciated. 

Granddaughter starting college this fall and is looking at a '2 for 1' computer.   I know next to nothing about computers:  Is the better choice the '2 for 1' or just a regular 'laptop'?  Any real differences? 




Hammer Dog (jaime59)

The heuristic I employ in such cases is that someone your granddaughter’s age is better qualified to know what she needs in terms of computers than someone her grandfather’s age. So, I would search for a highly rated 2 in 1.




Butch - I agree with Jaime.

My thoughts:   Be glad it's only a computer - and not tuition.   She probably knows what she wants, or what the college recommends/offers/requires.

Nothing good can come of 1) telling her you know nothing about computers and then 2) trying to tell her what to get.   :)    Ask her if she wants you to execute? or decide?   She's old enough - she'll TELL you.  :)   You're a nice grandpa - that's really nice that she confides in you.


IMO colleges can sometimes recommend certain computers or at least computer requirements the are really not needed.  When my son started Mechanical Engineering at UT-Austin, it was highly recommended he get a PC with upgraded or premium graphics cards, RAM, etc.  We were advised against an Apple as it "probably won't work" with everything they will need to do.  Vendors were swarming with "back to school sales" during student orientation.  In the end, he wanted a basic MacBook Air due to its portability.  That is what we bought him in 2016 and it has served him just find without any compatibility issues.  He is finishing up one "online" class as I type and he will have his degree next month.

I agree the kid should make the decision, but since every kid has a smartphone, IMO that is a default  2 in 1 with a regular laptop.

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From: butchcc


Thanks for all of the input.   I will stay the h*ll out of it and let her decide...……….;-) 


Smart. Deciding lets her blame you for whatever happens she doesn't like. I have college sophomores so know this place well.


From: Tom0956i


You'll probably end up being the hero if Grand dad buys her the greatest and latest Apple laptop.

Agree with that.  $3k should get the job done!


From: Tom0956i


No problem for a loving Granddad, right?

Heck no!  And just to top it off, a deluxe case and Apple Care warranty.  IIRC they should be offering free wireless Beats with any "college" purchase.