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is Dechambeau the future of golf?   Golf talk

Started Jul-8 by HAX (CVeratanictu); 2233 views.
Art.. (ArtMBGolf)

From: Art.. (ArtMBGolf)


Golf has random drug testing, so that is something for him to consider.   
They may have suspended that for now.  
The Tour doesn't announce results, but when someone doesn't play for 3 or 6 months, it could be that, but they will probably say they were injured.  


From: Stu1961


Well then, to be fair, Bryson began his transformation 10 months ago - not 3.  Possible?  I think so.  Easily, even.

Coming out of college I was 240 to 245 pounds, at a little over 6' 2", playing rugby.  Within 6 months I dropped to a low of 162 and settled between 165-170 to play tennis.

Workout: 150 sit-ups and push-ups, 3 times every day, one or two gym sessions, 3 mile run each morning, and a couple of tennis matches each day (usually scheduled back-to-back, even in 90° days).   Diet didn't change much aside from dropping all dairy, and red meat (more tuna than anyone should ever have to endure).  I was totally unrecognizable to some of my best friends in college when we met up around Thanksgiving.  I think "bulking up", or just training for strength would have been a lot easier.


HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Yep...10.months is definitely doable.

I was about 270 when I started playing rugby. In about 5 or 5 months I was 250 pounds...zero workout other than practice and going running on of days.

If hw hit it hard for 10-12 months...yes indeed...20-30 pounds and big strength gains are indeed possible.

The media was making it sound like he took a break during Covid and added 25 pounds really quickly.

Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


Reminds me of Lenny's swing.  He hasn't played since he fainted in the parking lot and crushed the back of his skull.


Dave P

In reply toRe: msg 40

From: MikeJA


The grand poobahs of golf have their heads up their asses for not throttling back the distance balls can travel long ago.  Not all the old courses have the room to keep moving back the tees.

I won my college championship twice back in the late 1950's.  When I had to quit golf because of arthritis when I was around 70 years old, I was hitting it farther than when I was young.  Ridiculous.


From: Tom0956i


Stu1961 said...

it looks as though he just got bigger from the tons of extra calories consumed to support his strength training.

I agree. That's not all muscle. Most of it is but it looks like his breakfast everyday is at IHOP.


From: NineMileSkid


Stu1961 said...


I guess I'm inferring/believing Bryson is in the "clean flight".  But let me re-phrase for clarification ... he doesn't look like he packed on 30 pounds of pure lean muscle ... it looks as though he just got bigger from the tons of extra calories consumed to support his strength training.

Seems to me that some have immediately jumped to the conclusion of "Steroids" - either because they never weight trained, are too old to remember just how malleable the human body can be at a young age, or lacked the discipline some have to bring about transformations (and Bryson's isn't even close to the most impressive I've seen).

I can't explain those who glom onto his statements about drinking so many protein drinks ... but then, curiously, ignore his statements about hours in the gym, every single day, for months.  I don't believe he ever said (or anyone ever did) that his strength/size gains were solely from drinking protein drinks.


When I hear him and the golf media yammer on and on about protein shakes, going so far as to carry them into his interviews, I always think he doth protest too much.

And serious strength training every day? If he is not recovering naturally--with rest and nutrition--how do you imagine he is?



From: NineMileSkid


HAX (CVeratanictu) said...



I did the 5-3-1 workout before I started seeing my kidney function take a dive, and I saw VERY quick results in both strength and fat loss and size.  I worked my hind end off.  It's possible without steroids, but to me, quick was like 18 months.



5-3-1? I am going to guess that you didn't do that every day, and took at least one day off for recovery after every session. Am I right?

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Every other day workouts and a de-load week to recover then I started over again.