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Cost is no object...what are you playing   Golf Equipment

Started Jul-25 by HAX (CVeratanictu); 618 views.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)



I am sitting in a freaking hurricane (literally) and am bored.  

If cost were no object, what clubs would you be playing?

Today, mine would look like this.

Callaway Maverik Sub Zero set at 9.5*, square, with a KBS Tour Driven 70 gram Category 3 shaft at 44.5" long and a D4 SW

FW wood would be a Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro at 16* with the same shaft as my driver.

Hybrids would be my old Kasco K2K in 19 and 22*, but completely refinished and made to look as new.  Same factory K2K shafts in stiff flex.  I know there are more modern choices available, but I simply have never seen or hit a club that is as dependable and versatile and easy to use as these.  I will stay with them.

My 5 and 6 iron would be Miura CB57's.  I have hit these before, and love the look and feel.  I would have them shafted the Paderson Kinettix 'Single length" shafts with 95 gram, stiff flex, and mid iron profile. They would be based off of a 39" 5 iron and 38.5" 6 iron.  I would have the heads bent 2* upright and at 26 and 30* loft.  I would have to find some sort of cool 'red, white and blue' themed ferrule and paint fill for them.  I would have any club shafted that needs a ferrule with this same theme.

My 7-9 irons would be Miura MB101's, but they would be set up for 'single length' play.  I would have them 2* upright and lofts of 35, 40, and 45*.  I would have these shafted with the Paderson Kinettix single length shafts.  95Gram, stiff flex, Short Iron Profile all at 37.5" long

My PW, SW, and LW would be an interesting trip to Artisan Golf for a full fitting.  I would go with whatever fit and 'do it all' grind they came up with, as well as shaft fitting.  Loft would be 50, 55 and 60.  I would push for the Paderson Kinnetix shafts I have in the other wedges, but again, if the fitting came up or showed something with 'better results', I'd go with it.  I would ask for them to be all the same length, lie, and weight, but at the +1" over standard length wedges...again, pending results of the fitting.

I am going to have to have two putters.  One of them just because I like the way it is shaped and looks, but the other to really play and use.  The vanity putter is the Scotty Cameron Special Select Del Mar.  This is, IMO, the best shaped putter I have ever seen.  It just looks attractive to my eye, and I dig it.  I do not put 'poorly' with it, but there are better options for me.  My every day putter would be a face balanced Scotty Cameron Newport 2.  I would get fit, and make sure it was the right putter for me.

All of my club would have 'best grips' leather grips.  The Driver, FW wood and Hybrids would have Blue.  The 5-9 irons will have white grips, and the PW-LW will have Red Grips...and I chose that order because RED is to remind me that I want to make a birdie...and be 'in the red'.

Curious, what would your 'cost is no object' bag look like?

I would head to Phoenix and start waiving cash around at the Ping factory until they agreed to make me some Zing2's in BeCu, complete set 1-PW, SW, LS and LW.  I am not talking the line of 6 BeCu Zing2 wedges they made back in the day.  And of course while there, I would need a backup set, so go ahead and make me some Zing2's in BeNi as well.  After that, I would head to the Scotty Studio and and work with the man himself until I had the perfect putter for me.  Not sure what that is, but right now I think a Newport 2.6  would be a good place to start.  Of course it would have to be in some exotic finish..platinum or some such material.  And I would want a Pistolero grip in some fancy color scheme..probably to match the paint fill.  And then of course a matching shaft band and head cover.  Heck..make it 6 of each as those do wear out.   And I would grab an assortment of ball mark repair tools as well.  And while there, I would score a nice Scotty Staff bag..a big staff bag....again something custom made and very bright...Circle T perhaps.   And let us not forget some header covers.   And then onto Callaway for an absolute custom fitting for a driver, 4 wood and heavenwood.  Epic Flash or Mavrik for the driver and then either Rouge or Mavrik for the woods.  All shafts would be considered as well as custom hot melt or whatever to get my needed length and swing weight (I guess).  And of course to add to my bag a lifetime supply of Wilson Staff Professional golf balls and Footjoy gloves, some Neutrogena sun screen, some Burts Bees lip balm, a plain black towel (as not to clash with my Scotty bag and head covers), a Carson City silver dollar for a ball marker, and to top it off, a box of naked lady tees!


I hope the rains from that hurricane get up here to San Antonio...we could really use it.

For irons I would get a new set of custom fit Miura forged cavity backs. I’ve been told the steel is mined from a secret mountain in Japan and only Miura-san has access to it.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


YES!!!!! The magic steel mined from a magic mountain!

I would travel to the Miura facility in Japan and have Miura-san himself custom fit me.

From: hardpan1


If cost is no object, then I want some Edel single length irons LOL!  but yes, really.

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HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


I love mine. The fitting experience was really cool.amd I dig my irons alot.



Why I'd be playing exactly what I am playing. 


Driver: Wishon 919 HL

3 wood: Taylormade Burner

2 thru 6 hybrids- Wishon 331s

7 thru PW Wishon 560s

SW & LW Wishon 308

Putter: Wishon Smooth 6


From: wrxgolfr


Hope you're feeling well.

I don't think I've ever said this but I'd stand pat (though I might play around w/ driver shafts).  I think I have a decent chance of finishing this golf season with my lowest index ever, which still isn't much, even thought my driving distance is -40 from my best.

Callaway Epic Plus driver, 12*
Cobra F6 3/4 wood
(really old) Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy hybrids (4 and 5)
Bridgestone Tour B JGR H2 irons, 6-P2
Bridgestone Forged Tour B wedges (56* and 60*)
Bobby Grace AMG4 putter

In reply toRe: msg 9

From: Stu1961


Not certain I would change anything, but man would I demo a lot.
I've never found a three wood which agreed with me, but I'm on my third Adams Pro Mini 16° hybrid since 2014 (the faces cave-in eventually, and I haven't seen any 16's pop-up on eBay in awhile), and the options for low loft hybrids is getting thinner each year.  Surely trying every possible three wood head/shaft combination would land me with something useable?
Maybe change out the Adams 20° at the same time?
Driver and iron (heads) I wouldn't touch … shafts are where I might go crazy.  If money is no object, I would squeak out every possible inch on the driver, and then find the shafts which fit best for the irons in terms of distance, ball flight, and vibration dampening.
Putter is always up for grabs.  I like my putter now … but maybe an Evnroll 2, or try a SIK????  I doubt it would improve my putting any but they would be fun to try.