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What is in your 'Hobo' golf bag?   Golf Equipment

Started Jul-29 by HAX (CVeratanictu); 268 views.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Here are the rules.  You must build a golf bag from Driver to Putter using all 14 clubs...but all 14 clubs must be different.  No 'sets'.  You can use the same manufacturers, and whatever shafts and setups you choose, but every club must be different from the other.




Here's mine.

Callaway Epic SZ


Ping TiSI 17* 5 wood

Kasco K2K 44 19*

Callaway Apex Utliity 24* driving iron thing

Adams Dhy 27* utility club

Wilson Staff V6 7 iron Bent to 31 degrees

MacGregor 1025M 8 iron Bent to 35*

KZG Forged 9 iron. Bent to 40*

Goldsmith Pro Forged PW bent to 45*

SCOR PW  50*

Ram Forged 55* SW

Wilson PMP forged 60* wedge

Scotty Cameron Del Mar Putter


The only things I'd do to the irons would be to make them all +1", 2* upright and reshaft them with KBS C Taper's in S flex.

Does this meet the criteria? 


Epic Flash 9* SZ

Epic Flash 13.5*

Rogue SZ 3-wood 

Rogue HW

Rogue X 4H

Ping GMax 5i

Ping Zing 6i

Ping Zing2 7i

Ping I3 OS 8i

Ping 13+ 9i

Ping ISI W

Ping Eye2+ SW

Ping Eye2 LW

Rife Trinidad


HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Flash SZ and Flash is skirting the rules, but I'll allow it.




I can do 11 clubs:


Ping G driver

Callaway X2Hot 4 wood

Callaway Steelhead Plus 7 wood w/+1" shaft

TM RBZ 22* hybrid (4 iron)

Cally XR Pro 5 iron

Srixon 565 6 iron

Mizuno MP 53 7 iron

Mizuno MP62 8 iron

Srixon 765 PW

Cleveland CG14 56* SW

Gauge Design putter



I'm going to have a hell of a time getting to 14, since I mostly play with 12, but here goes.

1. Ping Rhapsody ladies driver (currently in the bag and better than anything I ever used.)

2. La Jolla Knife 5 wood

3. First gen. Callaway Steelhead 9 wood


5. Callaway X Hot 6 hybrid

6. Ping GMax 7 iron

7. Ping ISI-S 8 iron

8. Ping 9 iron

9. Ping Eye2 wedge

10.  Hogan Milled 52*

11. Ping Tour 60*

12. Cleveland RTX 64*

13.  white Zebra mallet, deep-face aluminum

The only thin matched in my everyday bag are the irons!!!  So subbing in irons from my bag I keep in my work truck and the garrage bags;

Driver Callaway V-Series gamer

3w Ping G20 gamer

5w x2hot 5deep gamer

7w original Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood  (was going to say xHot Pro 3 or 4 hybrid, but seemed too close)

4h Nickent 3dx

5h Adams Pro Black sometimes gamer

now the irons get tricky

6i Mizuno JPX800 Pro (gamer)

7i Mizuno MPsomething I pulled out of the trash can when the demo tech threw it away.

8i Ping s58 (Work truck bag)

9i Golfsmith Lady XPC plus I built for my g/f

PW original Snake Eyes 

54* SW Vokey SM5 gamer

58* LW Callaway MD3(?) gamer

Putter, Ping Crazee G5i


From: Bob (MULLYMAN)



Driver - Bang Yellow 400

13* Snake Eyes Quick Strike Hybrid

17* Adams Idea Hybrid

19* Cobra Baffler

23* Callaway Heavenwood

26* Mizuno Fli-Hi



7-Ping Zing 2

8 John Letters Trilogy

9 Bridgestone JGR Hybrid


50 Cleveland RTX 588

54 Vokey SM5

59 Cobra Trusty Rusty

Putter - STX Tour Sync