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Tour Edge EX10 Driver   Golf Equipment

Started Aug-2 by HACKINATOR; 297 views.



Bought off EBay from a reputable used club seller... It came set up at 10 deg after using it for two weeks I went to change the loft and unfortunately the screw will not tighten up on any setting outside of the 10 deg... I love the shaft , what can I do tomslavage this ?


From: 73monte


Pretty strange issue? If it tightens at one setting, then it shouldn't be a stripped thread. You could try another screw. You'd need to go to a nut/bolt supply and match the thread. Other than that, buy another adapter if available, and install on the shaft. Very extreme if you can't get one would be to retap the thread on the adapter. 

That's just what I was going to suggest.

I am a Tour Edge Fitter/Dealer. I'm sure that I have several driver shafts in EX10 adapters.  What shaft are you using in that head?  I might be able to send you an assembled shaft/adapter to try in that head (with a new screw).


PS -- If you change the loft, it will also affect the lie angle and face angle on that driver (lower loft generally equates to flatter lie angle, and ALWAYS equates to a more open face angle, unless you use one of the "upright" settings on the hosel adapter).




Kuro Kage 60gram....what has happened the previous owner stripped the screw when installing it ...thus only works in the 10 deg setting...I would love tomsee this kick the G400 max out of the bag and join the rest of the EXS clubs in my bag

Which Kuro Kage model and what flex?  Tour Edge never offered the Kuro Kage shafts with that driver model, so I suspect that the shaft was installed in an adapter by the previous owner or a clubmaker who he took it to for reshafting.  Here's a link to the webpage from the Tour Edge website for that driver model.  It lists the shafts that were offered for that driver, plus has some other information that you'll probably find useful, including what lofts and lie angles you will get with the various adapter settings -- https://www.touredge.com/copy-of-hl2-driver-1