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#seenwhilecycling #Sturgis2020    Futility Folder:Politics

Started Aug-3 by ken1putt (kenoneputt); 932 views.

427 chevy w/ a 4:11 rear-end. Somewhere over 120 but the speedometer didn't go that fast. In a car identical to my bosses friend's who'd died when the driveshaft came apart at about the same speed. 1968ish. The steel frame table we built was a whole 'nother story. Lived thru that, too. 

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A quiet Wednesday night in Sturgis

#seenwhilecycling #Sturgis2020

One of five blocks on Main.

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Trumpkins delight

#seenwhilecycling #Sturgis2020 The MAGA Wagon makes an appearance.