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Putting Rules?   Golf talk

Started Aug-25 by LARRY3172; 698 views.

From: Derek0Ser


Among all sports, I like golf and I am actively involved in it and develop my skills and knowledge, study various material on the game and game strategy, here is an example https://golf-hook.com/blog/how-to-swing-a- golf-club/ When playing golf, the main thing is to have a good stance, good ball position and grip.


From: Stoneded


The main thing actually is to get the ball in the hole.

For me the main thing is to enjoy it...regardless how well I am playing.  Otherwise, why do it?  

And this is why I am fortunate to be able to golf for free.  If after 4-5 holes it is clear things are not working, I will shift gears and forget about "finishing the round" and move on to trying different ways to play a hole with different clubs, hitting different golf balls "side by side", or if pace allows, throw some balls in the bunker, rough, etc and see what I can do.  Becomes more of a practice round which i enjoy.  In the past, given I only played 5-6 times a month, I could grind over every round to the end, but now, playing 24+ rounds a month, that would just be exhausting and likely not that enjoyable.  It helps that I don't keep an handicap.



From: Stoneded


That was just a sarcastic response to that robot or whatever it was.  (Still its only post, BTW).  If you enjoy it, that's great, but 24+ rounds a month, often playing multiple balls as you've described, sounds like it's bordering on obsession to me.  I'd be fine with 2-3 rounds a week.  Guess  everyone's got different quotas.

On average I probably go to the golf course about 12 times a month, and usually play 36 holes while I am there.  Usually takes me about 5 hours or so.  Basically have free reign on the course.

In reply toRe: msg 9

Perfect example today.  Waited to be sure it was going to warm up as it was still 42* at 0930 here...brrr.  But by noon it was 53* with cloudless sun,  so I loaded the bag and headed to the course.  Started playing about 1:15 with three of the members who were making the turn.  After finishing that 9, they left and I played 10-14 then skipped two foursomes and played 16-18.  Went to the front and played 1-7, then jumped to the back and played 14-18.  By my count that is 29 actual holes.  I wasn't keeping score, but put check marks under each hole number for balls played tee to cup.  I had a stretch where I was playing three balls.  Total holed balls was 45.  During my last stretch 14-18, I took a break and hit a honey hole.  Results were good...about 30 balls found in 7-8 minutes.  Put about 10 of them in my bag for tomorrows round, 4 in garage inventory,  8 in personal inventory (meaning 5A Mint) that included 2 Tour B, 3 ProV1, 1 ProV1x, 1 Tour Soft and 1 TP5...nice little score there.  The remaining 8 are in the trash can.  Also spent about 15 minutes in the Pro Shop and restaurant chatting it up sometime during my "round'.  Final putt dropped at 6:15 after which I headed to the car. Since there are tournaments Tomorrow PM and all day Friday, and plans to go to the A&M game Saturday, if I want to play again, it will be tomorrow.

 I talked the pro shop gal to put me on the tee sheet as the last tee time before the tournament.  Hopefully this means I can just drag behind all the groups, play multiple balls, etc.  Since the Shotgun starts at 1pm, they stop all tee times at 8:30 to allow everybody time to complete 18 holes. She unblocked 8:40 just for me!  Really dislike early tee times, but it is what it is.


From: Stoneded


Well you sound perfectly normal to me.