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Liberals Really Do Have Sh*t For Brains   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Sep-14 by MikeJA; 1884 views.

From: MikeJA


Idiots turned the arsonist loose.  


An Oregon man was charged with using a Molotov cocktail to start a brush blaze in the wildfire-devastated state — then busted again just hours later for allegedly going back and starting six more, cops said.

Domingo Lopez Jr., 45, was first arrested Sunday afternoon after witnesses told cops he started a fire on the grassy edge of a Portland freeway with an incendiary device made out of a plastic bottle with a wick, the Portland Police Bureau said.

He admitted starting the blaze, which was extinguished without any injuries or property damage, cops said.

Lopez Jr. was booked into jail at 6:45 p.m. Sunday on charges of reckless burning and second-degree disorderly conduct — then released on his own recognizance later that night, court records show.

He was found walking along the edge of the same highway just after 3:30 a.m. Monday as cops joined fire crews to investigate reports of six more fires, Portland police said.

This time, he appeared to start the fires with a lighter, which was seized as evidence, the force said.

He was taken to a hospital for a mental health evaluation and issued citations for six additional counts of reckless burning, the bureau said.

Luckily, all the fires “were caught early” and “no one was injured and no structures were burnt,” police said.

The alleged arson comes as Oregon is one of the worst hit by wildfires devastating the West Coast, with at least 10 dead in the Beaver State.

NY Post


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From: SwingBetter


Insaneness logic!   If there are no police, no penalties and no jails, then everyone will be law abiding??????????????????????   

Who's common sense is that?   Is it stupidity or trying to beat Trump?          

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From: MikeJA


For many businesses (that were looted), the Minneapolis city government adds a special insult: it won’t let shop owners install exterior shutters to protect against break-?ins, a common practice in other cities. The Star-?Tribune reported on the resulting frustration:

In a report justifying the rule change, Minneapolis officials argued that external shutters “cause visual blight” and create the impression that an area is “unsafe” and “troublesome.”

After looters crashed through his floor-?to-?ceiling windows and stole $1 million worth of booze in May, Chicago-?Lake Liquors owner John Wolf wanted to protect himself from a repeat occurrence. … The [forbidden] investment [in security shutters] would not only prevent rioters from entering his store, it would protect his windows — which cost $50,000 to replace.

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Art.. (ArtMBGolf)

From: Art.. (ArtMBGolf)


No penalty, no bail required, not only lets criminals offend again, but those who are borderline to being criminals, but are scared to be arrested, get 
confident that nothing will happen if they get caught.   This creates more criminals.   

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From: SwingBetter


MikeJA said...

California Gov. Newsom executive order bans gas, diesel cars by 2035

That should include SUVs.   That is doable in a city.   Just can't get rid of fueled trucks and planes.   
But what about when CA doesn't have enough power to charge them, just like not enough power for AC???? 

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Clearly unconstitutional.

I so much wanted to fully retire in San Diego which was politically right of me when I came here in 1984 as a young guy, but I can’t handle anymore the idiots running government in CA at all levels. I’m out of here within about a year.

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j (Dustdevil8)

From: j (Dustdevil8)


Virtue signaling.

He'll be long gone by 2035. {Probably move to Texas}

If he had said "by next year", I'd be impressed.

Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


You can run from California, but you can't hide.  California is a cancer on America's ass.  


Dave P

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From: MikeJA


Genius. Weeks ago there were rolling brownouts, and we were ordered to turn off our electricity. Given that Newsom has no plans to build zero-emission nuke plants, where’s all the juice going to come from? California: the state of magical thinking,”