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Liberals Really Do Have Sh*t For Brains   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Sep-14 by MikeJA; 2261 views.
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From: SwingBetter


MikeJA said...

California Gov. Newsom executive order bans gas, diesel cars by 2035

That should include SUVs.   That is doable in a city.   Just can't get rid of fueled trucks and planes.   
But what about when CA doesn't have enough power to charge them, just like not enough power for AC???? 

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Clearly unconstitutional.

I so much wanted to fully retire in San Diego which was politically right of me when I came here in 1984 as a young guy, but I can’t handle anymore the idiots running government in CA at all levels. I’m out of here within about a year.

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j (Dustdevil8)

From: j (Dustdevil8)


Virtue signaling.

He'll be long gone by 2035. {Probably move to Texas}

If he had said "by next year", I'd be impressed.

Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


You can run from California, but you can't hide.  California is a cancer on America's ass.  


Dave P

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From: MikeJA


Genius. Weeks ago there were rolling brownouts, and we were ordered to turn off our electricity. Given that Newsom has no plans to build zero-emission nuke plants, where’s all the juice going to come from? California: the state of magical thinking,”

Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


Are there any up and running in the US?


Dave P

Assuming our funding (mostly private) is maintained, we will have a demonstration module operational at the Chalk River nuclear R&D site in Canada in about 5 years. The US Dept. of Energy is supposed to announce awards for advanced reactor demonstration plants in a couple of months. If we win one of those awards, we proposed a demonstration module for training and R&D operational at the University of Illinois/Chicago in about 5 years after the award (we can build on all the work done on the Canada project) and a 3 module demonstration plant at Idaho National Laboratory operational about 7 years after the award. We are also doing some work for NASA involving nuclear space propulsion using our FCM fuel.

flatstik (gregf82)

From: flatstik (gregf82)


Lori Lighthead is going to allow a nuke in the City of Chicago??