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Another PR - 81 holes today   Golf talk

Started Sep-14 by Luvpings (luvpings1); 142 views.

I was called off of my marshaling duties this morning due to a very light tee sheet.  There was a 64 person shotgun (starting on holes 1-7) in the afternoon, but that was for the PM marshal to deal with.

So I decide to hit the links.  I started about 11:30 and timed it right to play 1-18 then back to 1-9 as I catch up to the last tournament group.  Now the back is full and the lead group is one hole 1, so I cruise pass them to hole two and play 2-9 for the third time.  I was easily able to play as many balls as I wanted on each hole.  Total count was 81 "holes" in 5:45.  Every ball was played from tee to green to putt out.  The few that were lost I put another ball into  play.   I had only one double, three birdies for a total of +29 over those 81 holes.  I can live with that!  Another marshal caught me on the second to last hole and wanted me to play some more with him, but I was pretty tired by that point as I had run earlier in the morning.  Also saw a few guys I knew along the way for some conversation that probably was a needed break.

Weather was very nice...only low 90's, partly cloudy and a 1.5 club wind.  A nice break from our hot summer of 100* seemingly everyday.  Had the music playing, iced beverage in the Yeti and refills waiting in the cooler.  A protein shake and cliff bar to calm my appetite and a nice supply of ERC Soft balls.

What a glorious day it was!

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


That sounds like a great way to spend the day.

I cannot wait to get back to it and play again.

I will be home this afternoon and am dsrn glad for it. 

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Played again today.  All I can say is ugh.


Played 32 holes with multiple balls on each hole, so easily 60+ "holes", but what a different day it was.  Before I could get to the first tee, a 3 minute downpour soaked the course.  Luckily it was coming straight down and I was able to get my bag inside the cart in short order to keep it dry.  Then it just lessened to a light rain for about 25 minutes.  I thought WTF...just play.  By hole 3 I was a soggy mess..  Then the sun came out.  Humid as all get out.  This repeated itself two more times,  Then it cooled down due to the low 80's due  big T-Storm about 6 miles away...could see the clouds, hear the thunder, play continued.  No more rain..it would have been perfect if everything wasn't wet.

I never liked playing on wet courses so I figured i would use this round to build some mental toughness for playing in such conditions.  Early on it was just disaster..played like drunk blind monkey. I think after the second cloudburst I was getting it together somewhat...actually was making about 2 pars for every bogey, but never kept score or actual count of holes played.

When I got home, everything came out of the damp bag. Clubs were scrubbed clean including the grips.  I spread it all over the garage to dry out.  Will reassemble in the morning.  Looking to play tomorrow only if dry.  Couldn't stand two rounds of mental toughness training in a row!