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China released virus on purpose   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Sep-16 by HAX (CVeratanictu); 554 views.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


I got absolutely ridiculed by many at the old place for making the assertion that I felt like China did this on purpose and it was a calculated strategic move.

Chinese virologist: China's government 'intentionally' released COVID-19


To all the PIBS and over educated self proclaimed smart people...eat a bag of Chinese dicks.

Burat (DocFreddie)

From: Burat (DocFreddie)


I see you're feeling better!


From: RTee2


I saw that piece last night, and while I don't doubt her assertion that it was made in the lab, I am sceptical as to whether it was intentionally released. I would want to see her questioned in Chinese by a neutral interpreter. Watching the whole interview made me doubt whether she really understood all of Tucker's questions. He used his typical colloquial style without regard to whether she understood the nuances in his questions and pointed comments.

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


Pain is still an issue, but it is getting better every day.

Dialysis really kicked my butt today.  I came home and just crashed hard. 

I can't wait to get s new kidney.

Of course they did. It’s the only explanation that makes any sense.
HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


People really don't believe that a government that murdered 60 million of it's own people would have any hesitation to release this on the world if they thought it would help them preserve power really do not understand the depths of depravity that make up a communist true believer.

racerX (99camaroSS)

From: racerX (99camaroSS)


Our experts should have a second helping.

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

I think this is disinformation designed to disparage the very real likelihood that the virus escaped from the BSL4 lab in Wuhan. I could be wrong, but I think intentional release as a bio weapon is a very low probability.


From: Stoneded


"eat a bag of Chinese dicks."   LOL.  But wouldn't you be hungry again an hour later?