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More Hunter laptop info   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Oct-16 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 381 views.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)

from Rudy.

Giuliani: After Hunter Biden Story Broke, Hunter Biden's Lawyer Contacted the Computer Repair Man and Tried to Get the Hard Drive Back

And Giuliani says he has the email proof of the lawyer's attempt to retrieve the hard drive.

This is proof that the hard drive is Hunter Biden's.

I think we all knew that -- but this is smoking gun proof.

You cannot "get back" a hard drive you never owned.

Via Nice Deb at American Greatness, who has written up all of Giuliani's disclosures from the Crowder appearance.

Here's an amuse bouche:

[T]he former New York mayor divulged that there are dozens of "disturbing" photos of Hunter Biden "doing an imitation of Anthony Weiner," and many more indicating that he had "a very massive drug addition."

"He's like a zombie," Giuliani told Crowder.

He also said there are texts describing a transaction between Hunter and Joe Biden and "a Communist Chinese intelligence operative"--which appeared to have been a set up for extortion.

Leftwing journalist Matt Taibbi had a good snap-back to a stupid Democrat who claimed that the emails were all faked-- Oh sure, Taibbi said (more or less), they found a hard drive with real pictures of Hunter Biden with a meth pipe-- but then they added fake emails to the drive.

Sure sure. That totally checks out.


Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


Watching Rudy on Crowder right now.   Guiliani said he got the hard drive from Putin for two bottles of vodka.  About $150.  A good deal.  Obviously he was joking, but I wonder if the MSM will jump on that to explain it away.



Putin is not that stupid. He gets better vodka in Russia. But he might have settled for some good bourbon.