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The great Rick Moranis   Non-Golf Folder (General)

Started Oct-20 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 283 views.
Hammer Dog (jaime59)
SCTV - George Carlin/Don Rickles

SCTV - George Carlin/Don Rickles - YouTube ...

V-Blade (VSDtrek1)

From: V-Blade (VSDtrek1)


SCTV is easily my favorite comedy show.  That Death of a Salesman spoof is awesome.  Always liked anything Levy did.  High Q is another dandy. 

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

You are my brother.  The Death of a Salesman sketch is off-the-charts.  All of the quiz show skits were excellent: High Q, Night School High Q and Half Wits.


V-Blade (VSDtrek1)

From: V-Blade (VSDtrek1)


I had to watch some of those this afternoon and couldn’t stop laughing.  

Since Halloween is approaching, we need some Count Floyd and Dr. Tongue skits.  Apologies for my first attempt to embed videos.  

Dr. Tongue's 3D House Of Stewardesses - Monster Chiller Horror Theater in 3-D

Most people don't know John Candy was born on Halloween, October 31st 1950, so as a tribute to what would have been his 62nd birthday, I give you: "Monster C...

SCTV - 3D House of Beef

The only place in town with 3D entertainment and an excellent cut of beef.