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Texas Passes Law Banning   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Oct-20 by Boomslang (DaveP8); 354 views.
Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


Texas Passes Law Banning Californians From Voting After They Move There



AUSTIN, TX—To the relief of Texans across the state, Governor Greg Abbott has signed a law prohibiting escaping Californians from voting after they move to Texas. Experts say this will prevent the happy and prosperous slice of heaven from sliding into the endless despair and crushing poverty of leftist policy.

"Yeah, all you weirdo Californians are welcome to partake with us in this blessed land," said Chuck Dillon, a local accountant who dresses like a cowboy. "Bring your music and your little girly men and your avocado toast, but please leave your godless heathen communism in California where it belongs!"

According to sources, emergency legislation was drafted after it was discovered that 97% of Californians favor destroying every small business on the planet and salting the earth where the businesses once stood. They also favor mandatory gay marriage and banning all country music to avoid hurting the ears of sea turtles.

"That goofy nonsense ain't welcome here," said local Republican representative Carlos Juarez San Juan, a local cowboy who wears a fancy suit. 

Californians have marched on the state capital to demand their voting rights back, and have promised they'll move on to Oklahoma after they finish destroying Texas. 




Dave P


From: SwingBetter


BB is joking, but waiting a few years might be a good idea.  
Maybe leaving CA means they woke up for real and won't bring CA ideas to their new state?    


From: MikeJA


Down here in Florida, it seems most transplants from the northeast haven't figured out why the places they left are so f*cked up and continue to vote Democrat.  The same is probably true for those who move to Texas from California.

HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


We have a TON of transplants from the east coast and California. The ones I have met fully recognize that they are escapees/refugees and are embracing Texas culture and freedom like you would not believe.

Texas is not turning blue anytime soon.



From: hardpan1


Dave, I just Had to post this on FB! :) 




SwingBetter said:

Maybe leaving CA means they woke up for real and won't bring CA ideas to their new state?    

IMO - it's impossible and inevitable.   "Californication" has screwed up Oregon, Seattle, and now Austin, Texas.    Exacerbates existing liberal pockets - pollutes the state.  Eventually it will be "so long Texas! (as in "good bye - nice knowing ya)"

As a CA business it's horrible to stay (taxes) - and horrible if you exit (penalty/fee).    Texas ought to make them pay to enter.  A lot.   Short term gains - long term pain.