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Get Woke, Go Broke   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Jun-28 by Hammer Dog (jaime59); 276 views.
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From: Charlie6D


MikeJA said...


I don't understand the thinking of so many of these executives of large companies.  Why would you P*ss off half your customer base by getting "woke"?


Good question, but I guess it is so "yesterday" for a company to remain neutral on political matters.  Today, it seems that the companies wet a finger and hold it up in the air to see which way the political winds are blowing.  Once they sense a wind direction, they trip over each other to get out in front and be a leader, or at least a strong endorser, of the latest politically correct movement.

I think that doing so is bad business, but what the hell do I know about managing a multi-billion dollar company?  Maybe there are more than enough snowflakes who will buy Nike simply because they think it's the "in" thing to do to compensate for those who would rather go barefoot than support a leftist/PC business.  



From: MikeJA


Everyone is becoming woke. 

Earlier this month, the Houston Association of Realtors dropped the word “master” for specification, opting for “primary” as a more inclusive descriptor.

“The Multiple Listing Service advisory group regularly reviews the terms and fields used in the MLS to make sure they are consistent with the current market environment,” read an association statement. “The updates to primary bedroom and primary bath were among nine requests for review that were submitted by members and considered at the most recent meetings.”

The adjustment came after several members of the organization called for a review of the word’s use, according to Houston TV station KPRC.

Amid racial-equality and police-overhaul demonstrations, “master” has become unpopular due to its slavery connotation.

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Boomslang (DaveP8)

From: Boomslang (DaveP8)


What a bunch of primary baters.

Dave P8

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Art.. (ArtMBGolf)

From: Art.. (ArtMBGolf)


Does that mean no more Masters Degrees?      


From: MikeJA


Good point.  Masters Degree is as offensive as it gets.

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From: MikeJA


The popular streaming service Hulu has removed an episode of The Golden Girls featuring a scene that Variety describes as featuring “a scene with characters in blackface.”

Except the characters aren’t in blackface. They’re wearing mud masks—a common cosmetic facial treatment.

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HAX (CVeratanictu)

From: HAX (CVeratanictu)


my wife had a picture of her and all her girl friends with a Mary Kay product that is basically a mud mask...and I suppose I should divorce her for it.

racerX (99camaroSS)

From: racerX (99camaroSS)


MikeJA said:

Good point.  Masters Degree is as offensive as it gets.

That will be the next cancel item added to the libtard grievance list. Bank on it.