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Trump Fatigue   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Jul-2 by yotsubishi (ToraMori); 788 views.

Sadly, or perhaps happily, the opinions of people in Calif., NY, NJ, D.C , etc. aren't really relevant out where the deplorables  live.

Here, the only fatigue I'm seeing is people sick and tired of leftist bullshit,  statue destruction, occupied zones, anti-law enforcement protests, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Russian hoaxes, MSM lies, etc, etc.

If you or anyone else think Trump is losing his base, you are in for a surprise.

Trump is not losing his base for the most part. But his base is not enough.

He has lost a lot of independent swing vote, especially women. Trump won those swing states by a combined 100,000 votes or so. I don't think it will happen this time. It may be a matter of Trump and his battles with the media and everything else has just worn people out, compounded by a pandemic and Trump's poor response to it. Not all of it his fault, but he has not helped himself too much.

And he has lost his major weapon, being able to storm troop the country with his rallies like he did in 2016. Trump has effectively been de-balled and he just can't win without them.


From: Charlie6D


ToraMori said...


Trump HAD 3+ years of accomplishments that were wiped out in a few months. Some of it his fault.

People have factored in Biden is a figurehead and won't really be calling the shots. At this point he could run as a corpse and probably still beat Trump.

Trump won in 2016 because he was the asshole a lot of people wanted to shake things up. Now too many people just think he's an asshole.


Well, you're entitled to your opinion as to what other (most?) people think of Trump, but I'm inclined to think that people who supported Trump in 2016 will support him in 2020.  Additionally, I think that many people who threw their vote away on a 3rd party candidate or perhaps voted for Hillary simply because they had always voted for the Dem candidate, won't do that again in 2020.  I think that a huge percentage of those will vote for Trump.

The only votes that the Dems haven't lost is the 30% to 35% of the voters who would vote for the Dem candidate even with an incompetent idiot at the top of the ticket... and that's pretty much what they'll have this November.

Keep in mind too, that the "no votes" often play a big role in deciding the outcome in close races.  "No votes" are the result of a party having a weak candidate that the individual can't bring himself to vote for, but they can't vote for the opposition either, so they don't vote in that race, i.e. a "no vote".  Trump supporters are rock solid, 100% Trump voters.  They WILL vote this November and it will be for Trump. 

The Dem voters... eh, not so solid.  Besides, it matters a lot WHICH Dem camp they're in.  The so-called "moderate" Dems likely won't vote if a left winger is the VP, and the left wingers won't vote if a moderate is the VP.  For the Dems, it's a lose-lose situation.  I don't know of ANY Dem candidate that will appeal to all the wings of their party.

Between the Bernie Bros, the Pocahontas Pussies, the Biden Bumblers, and the AOC Crazies, there's simply too much divide to get them all to coalesce on one candidate that all can support.  Trump gets 4 more years!


In reply toRe: msg 12

From: Charlie6D


Just to add a little tidbit of interest... My wife went to the beauty shop today to get her hair cut.  ALL the ladies in there were talking about how "crazy" the leftist/rioters/looters are and how crazy anyone would be to vote for Biden and get even more lawlessness.  One lady responded "I'm registered as Democrat, but I'm voting for Trump this fall."


Art.. (ArtMBGolf)

From: Art.. (ArtMBGolf)


ken1putt (kenoneputt) said...

Here, the only fatigue I'm seeing is people sick and tired of leftist bullshit,  statue destruction, occupied zones, anti-law enforcement protests, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Russian hoaxes, MSM lies, etc, etc.

If you or anyone else think Trump is losing his base, you are in for a surprise.

For the reasons you listed, I don't see Independents + Reps giving the Democratic party a pass and votes after all their dishonesty and abuse of power.  
Who benefits if a lot don't vote to avoid CV?   
Does anyone benefit with more states using mail ballots, assuming no fraud?    

Do you seriously think all those suburban women will vote for the people who want to defund the police?

Not to mention the ones who support the assholes who destroyed 1500 buildings in Mpls?

I have a friend from there who a talked to for 90 minutes last night and he's made one trip near the war zone and he won't even patronize the businesses "who let this happen."

You are totally underestimating the level of distate for the leftists. 

Take Michigan for example. That loon of a governor may have given the state to Trump again.

It's a completely different dynamic in 2020.

There were 100,000 or so votes that Trump got in the swing states combined to get him elected in 2016. It was a significant EC victory for Trump, but by a small margin of votes spread over several states, and he lost the popular vote by a fairly big margin. And Hillary was a lot more polarizing than Biden.

Enough of those votes will go away in 2020. Especially from women. Enough of them just don't like him and want him to disappear like an irritating husband they divorced or want to divorce.

I don't see how Trump can turn this around by November.

Be prepared to protect your investments and assets. 

A lot of women that voted for Trump in 2016 will not vote for him in 2020.

And that will shift the 100,000 or so votes that Trump won in 2016 to win about a half dozen swing states and their EC votes to Biden.

It's no more complicated than that.

No matter what Trump does or what happens between now and the election, I do not think he can repeat the dynamics that got him elected in 2016.

Basically, Trump has become as radioactive as Hillary was in 2016. A lot of men hated Hillary in 2016 and a lot of women feel that way towards Trump in 2020. And they vote, even more so than men. 

How many women from the middle of the country have you talked to in 2020?

I have talked to LOTS of them, and the Democrats are not getting their votes.


1-live in Calif. and

2-haven't been out, even there.

Leftist women hate Trump. Real women hate the radicals, and they hate leftist women.

The swing states are blue in general and are not the middle of the country.

We are talking about 100,000 votes or so over about a half dozen states that Trump flipped in 2016. But he won't flip in 2020, mainly because of independent women in those states that just can't stand him anymore and are tired of the constant drama, even if most of it isn't Trump's fault. They know Biden is a dull tool figurehead, but they will vote for him anyway, assuming people with more than a few functioning brain cells will be calling the shots.