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#seenwhilecycling #Sturgis2020    Futility Folder:Politics

Started Aug-3 by ken1putt (kenoneputt); 934 views.

Since it's the 80th, they WERE expecting 800,000+ in a town of 9,200.

But since we've been here, 7 weeks, there've been three small waves of rider.

"Rally rates" kicked in Friday,  our $600 a month site became $90 a night. Now it's getting serious. 


From: Tom0956i


Yes I guess I mean winter

Hammer Dog (jaime59)

South Dakota looks pretty.  It's one of the few states I've never been to.

Like a lot of places, its three things.

East River (the Missouri)  is a bit like Iowa.  Farming dominates. 

West River is drier, mostly prairie,  ranching dominates.

The Black Hills is a whole nuther animal. 

It's happening. Last night was the last time Main St. will be open for anything but motorcycles for about 10 days.

Here's what it looked, and sounded, like.

The sound of Harleys?

#seenwhilecycling #Sturgis2020 I'm case you wondered whether anyone ould come to the 2020 Sturgis Rally...wonder no more.

If the cops don't bounce me, I might try to get away with a bicycle ride down Main when things are REALLY hopping.


From: hardpan1


Good stuff Ken...the fastest I've ever traveled on land was on the back of a sportster when I was 12yrs old...

Similar. My top speed was 115 on a Gold Wing...back seat 

The speedometer numerals on my buddies GS1100e only went to 145.  The needle was well past that.  I was the only person on the bike at the time.

Its officially THE Sturgis Rally now...

The Rally is ON!

#seenwhilecycling #Sturgis2020