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Old Political Joke   Futility Folder:Politics

Started Aug-9 by Boomslang (DaveP8); 406 views.

FWIW,  those Germans also invented that divine TX specialty, chicken fried steak.

But they prolly called it schnitzel.

Also there's a restaurant in in an rv park at Ft. Stockton that claims to have the best CFS in Texas, which is a mighty big claim...I've had it twice and they might be right 


From: hardpan1


Close to where I grew up, played every nine hole course between Pecos and Lubbock (including Ft.Stockton) sunglasses

On our way back and forth through west TX we stay in that park then  swing up to Monahans (or vice versa) because the RV parks we've seen on I-20 around Odessa are all oil field man camps. 

We don't like to drive too far. So it's Tucson, El Paso, Ft. Stockton, Abilene, Winstar World, then OKC or someplace in KS, depending on our final destination.