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Internet for home/office?   Non-Golf Folder (General)

Started Jun-14 by BOGEYSBGONE; 810 views.
flatstik (gregf82)

From: flatstik (gregf82)


Please keep us updated. I have Comcast right now and while I’m fine with Wi-Fi at home, when I use my FortiClient VPN to access my work computer remotely, I have a real hard time with the Wi-Fi. I get kicked off constantly. Google nest was recommended as the one solution for this so let me know how it works.


From: BlkNGld1


Google was technically good but at least at the time they had some things in their license agreement that were bothersome to me. 




Gonna play around with it later today.  Google Nest may be all I need I hope.


I'm finally understanding how internet signal and strength work.   But I was under the mistaken impression that if I paid for 1000 mbps speed - that all of my devices got 1000 mbps 24/7.  Wrong.   Internet and wireless signal - seem to be a new fangled version of "rabbit-ears antenna on an old TV set".   The closer you are to the main antenna - the louder/clearer the signal - and content.   But the signal degrades in clarity or power - depending on distance/obstacles.   The best solution would be to run wires from the router through the house to another access point....but that would be more expensive than buying a wireless solution.  We bought the Apple Airport Extreme 10 years ago or so b/c it was a stronger antenna than the original modem; and gave dual band capability.   Now the new Verizon modem we got 2 years ago is as good as the Apple or better.

For me - I used to be ok for internet at 100 mbps - but the Apple Airport is farting out - and I get about 30-40 mbps (on either the 2.5 band or the 5 band) and that is leading to buffering and stalled communications sometimes.   What's worse is that I also switched cell service - and my cellphone (business calls) drop when I'm at the office.   ATT has "wireless calling" feature and when I sit nearer to the Verizon modem (on a 2.5 ghz band I'm getting around 90-120 mbps) but it's too weak to work without dropping at 30-40mbps - when I sit in my office.  

That's a very long way of saying I hope the Nest restores my signal strength at least up to 100+mbps :)


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Bought the Google Nest WiFi Router 2 Pack (2nd Generation) setup here:   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07YMJ57MB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I think it's a success! Using Ookla Speed Test (www.speedtest.net) or using the Google search engine, and typing in "speed test" and using the widget that comes up in the search results - I am getting about 190s to 210s in mbps in the farthest parts of the house.  Vast improvement from 40 mbps with my older system.  Very happy.   I put the router (Pod 1) in one end of the house, and the access point (Pod 2) at the other end of the house - on the same floor; about 25 feet apart and over the top of my basement office.  I am driving my wife and kid crazy and we're running speed tests on all the computers and iPhones while walking around.   Bottom line - really happy.

Here's some interesting stuff:  all of this stuff is flooding the market.  A lot of the reviews are reviewing older models of stuff - and some of the newest equipment is already on sale.   I read Orbi vs Nest vs Eero....and learned that Netgear owns Orbi; Google purchased Nest; and Amazon bought Eero.   After a few reviews I determined that it would be either Orbi (best at consistent and robust output at the access point (Pod 2) but was $700 vs Google Nest ($239)  which seemed to give strong output and was easy to set up and use.   ***The older Orbi RBK50 units are still sold about $329 and they ruled the roost and I wanted to buy those - but they are back ordered.     The older version of Google Nest was seen as a "best overall" and easy to use for the old version - and the new version sold at $240 and was in stock - so I opted for the Google Nest first b/c I'm impatient....could return it if I didn't like it.   The Eero looked neat too - but too many spotty reviews.  It is a good value; but end of the day, i could afford $239 for the Nest, and the Eero's output at the access point (where I'd need it most) was lower than the Orbi old/new and the Nest old/new.    

The box was delivered today - and surprisingly small  Smaller than size of a shoe box.  Got the pods delivered this afternoon and waited for my kid to come home and set them up.  :)   They are about the size of a softball or a little bit bigger.  Instead of a router pod and a dedicated access point pod in the old version (those were the ones in the reviews I read) I was pleasantly surprised - that in the 2nd gen version - they now they give you 2 identical units which can be used as a router OR 2ndary access point.  I guess it gives you flexibility that if you wanted to use 100% "wired internet" you could have that option.  That's cool IMO.    

Set up was easy:  1) download the Google Home App on your phone.  YOU NEED THE APP TO SET UP THE NEST SYSTEM.  I bold this b/c some people might accidentally unplug their old internet before setting up the Nest - and you need the internet to download the App.  2) run a wire (Cat 5/6 from your Verizon/Cox/ATT modem to the primary Nest router ("Pod 1").  3) Turn on the Pod 1.  4) Click the App on your phone - and follow the directions.  You'll name the network (I'd bypass some of the stuff about your home address and Google Services) then run the setup.  (Mine failed on the first attempt - click Try Again - and it continues and completes easily...I think the "failure" was part of the process...).  5) Set up Pod 2 close to Pod1 (or at least within 30 feet) and just follow the directions.  (Pod 2 download also failed the first time - hit "try again" and it completed it's set up...just like the Pod 1...).   Overall this took about 20 mins total and partly b/c I didn't download the App first and I was so happy with Pod 1 I debated if I even needed Pod 2...but do it!!  LOL

If you want to test the speed with the Google Home App be prepared to be giddy b/c they will tell you you get almost a gig speed of internet in the 800-900s in mbps.  Impossible b/c my wife showed that we don't get that fast a speed.  Using the Ookla or the Google search engine widget - I am getting a reliable 390-515 mbps if I'm about 10 feet from the main router.  Most importantly - upstairs and downstairs I'm getting about 190-220 mbps - a huge improvement over "40 mbps" with the Apple.  Very cool.      

Best part - I made 10 phone calls using wifi calling and with the improved/stronger wifi signal downstairs - the calls were flawless.  Knock wood.   Hope it lasts.

If you're looking for a wifi system that gives strong output and has good coverage - highly recommend Google Nest Wifi.  And compared to other systems - it's ease of use, and set up and really competitive pricing - I recommend it.