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Help Needed: Persistent Virus Notification on ThinkPad E16 Gen 1 Intel Evo Lapto

Started Dec-1 by adamsmithad; 55 views.

From: adamsmithad


Hello Everyone

I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out today because I'm facing a concerning issue with my ThinkPad E16 Gen 1 Intel Evo laptop. I keep getting a popup notification that says, "Your PC is infected with viruses." I've scanned my laptop multiple times with my antivirus software, and each time, it reports no viruses found.

I'm unsure about how to proceed or remove this notification permanently. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem, especially with the ThinkPad E16 Gen 1 or other Intel Evo laptops? If so, could you please share your experiences and any solutions you've found?

Here are the details of my laptop:

  • Model: ThinkPad E16 Gen 1
  • Processor: Intel Evo

I've tried the basic troubleshooting steps, such as updating my antivirus definitions and running a full system scan, but the notification persists.

Any guidance or insights you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I want to ensure the security of my laptop without unnecessary alarms.

Thanks in advance