How to Convert OST File to PST Format?

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Come migrare Zimbra in Gmail

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• Migrare Zimbra direttamente in Gmail, G Suite, Google Drive e altri servizi.
• Questa applicazione può migrare Zimbra in una varietà di tipi di file, inclusi PST, OLM, NSF, MBOX, PDF, EML, EMLX, HTML e così via.
• Questo software migra i file da Zimbra direttamente negli account per Office 365 ed Exchange Server.
• Questo software migra rapidamente i dati senza sacrificare alcun dato.
• Prima del processo di conversione, questa applicazione visualizza un'anteprima gratuita dei dati.
• Tutte le versioni di Windows, incluse 7, 8, 8.1, XP e 10, sono supportate da questo software.
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Migrating from Zimbra to Gmail manually involves a few steps. Here's a simplified guide:

Export Zimbra Mail:

Export Emails:

Open your Zimbra email client.
Select the mailbox or specific folders you want to export.
Right-click and choose "Export" or "Save As."
Save the selected emails in EML or other compatible formats.
Export Contacts:

In Zimbra, go to the Contacts section.
Select the contacts you want to export.
Choose "Export" and save them in a CSV or vCard format.
Export Calendar Events:

In Zimbra, open your calendar.
Select the calendar events you want to export.
Choose "Export" and save them in an ICS (iCalendar) format.
Import Data into Gmail:
4. Import Emails:

Log in to your Gmail account.
Go to "Settings" (the gear icon) > "See all settings" > "Accounts and Import."
In the "Check mail from other accounts" section, click "Add a mail account."
Follow the prompts to add your Zimbra email account.
Gmail will fetch emails from your Zimbra account. You can choose to import all emails or only those received after a specific date.
Import Contacts:

In Gmail, go to "Contacts."
Click "More" and select "Import."
Upload the CSV or vCard file containing your Zimbra contacts.
Import Calendar Events:

In Gmail, open Google Calendar.
Click the gear icon (Settings) and choose "Settings."
Under "Settings for my calendars," click "Import & Export."
Upload the ICS file with your Zimbra calendar events.
Configure Gmail:
7. Update Settings:

Review your Gmail settings, including filters, labels, and email forwarding, to match your preferences.
Test Email Delivery:

Send test emails to ensure that your Gmail account is working correctly.
Update Signatures and Templates:

If you used email signatures and templates in Zimbra, recreate them in Gmail.
Finalize the Transition:
10. Notify Contacts:
- Inform your contacts about your email address change from Zimbra to Gmail.

Keep a backup of your Zimbra data before initiating the migration to ensure data integrity.