How to Convert OST File to PST Format?

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How to Import Apple MBOX to Gmail?

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As long as there is internet connectivity, customers of the cloud-based email service Gmail may view their emails from any location and on any device. As a result, a lot of people switch from desktop email programs like Apple Mail to Gmail. In this article, we've covered a few techniques with detailed instructions that will make it simple for you to import MBOX to Gmail.

Apple Mail sometimes referred to as Mac Mail or simply Mail is the standard email client for macOS and supports both POP3 and IMAP accounts. Apple Mail only works on the Mac device on which it is installed, and it only stores user mailbox data locally in MBOX format. Gmail, on the other hand, is a cloud-based email service that is accessible online.

A web browser or the Gmail app can be used on any computer or mobile device to access Gmail, which is a cloud-based email service. Users are motivated to import Apple Mail to Gmail by the benefit of having access to emails from any location and on any device.

Therefore, by using the procedures described in this essay, you can effortlessly switch from Apple Mail to Gmail.

Take a backup of your Apple Mail mailbox first, especially if you are using POP3 configuration, though, before moving forward. This is due to the possibility of email loss during the migration from Apple Mail to Gmail owing to the user or technical fault.

How to Create a Backup of Apple Mail?

Your Apple Mail mailbox data must be extracted and saved in MBOX format in order to be backed up. Take these actions:

  1. Open Apple Mail, then choose the mailbox you wish to backup.
  2. Navigate to Mailbox > Export Mailbox.
  3. Click Choose after choosing the folder in which to save the MBOX file.

How to Transfer Data from Apple Mail to Gmail?

The methods listed below can be used to move Apple Mail to Gmail:
A built-in function in Gmail allows users to import contacts and emails from other POP3 or webmail accounts. Use these procedures to import Apple Mail into Gmail:

  1. Visit and sign in with your current Gmail credentials or register for a new Gmail account.
  2. Select See all settings from the gear menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Import mail and contacts under Accounts and Import.
  4. Click Continue after entering your Apple Mail email address.
  5. Click Continue after entering the Apple Mail email ID password.
  6. Click Start Import after selecting Import settings. Select OK.

Steps for importing Apple Mail

It can take some time to finish the Apple Mail to Gmail import process. Therefore, closing the website won't stop the procedure. When it's done, you can use Gmail to access your Apple Mail emails.

Tip: You can use specialized software like Xen MBOX Converter to migrate from Apple Mail to a Windows-based email client like MS Outlook or to build a backup of the data in your Apple Mail MBOX files in other formats like PST, PDF, HTML, etc. The software easily and without any data loss translates and stores your MBOX data in other formats, including the Outlook importable PST format. Prior to conversion, you can also preview and filter the emails.

Second method: dragging and dropping the emails

Additionally, you can manually drag & drop emails from Apple Mail into appropriate Gmail folders. However, if you need to transfer a lot of emails from Apple Mail to Gmail, it will be a laborious and time-consuming operation. Take these actions:

  1. Set up Apple Mail with the Gmail account you wish to transfer mailbox data from.
  2. Log into your Gmail account and access Mail > Preferences > Accounts > + from the Menu Bar.
  3. Select the emails you want to move to your Gmail mailbox by opening the Inbox folder on your Apple Mail account.
  4. Drop the chosen emails into the Gmail Email folder by dragging them there.
  5. The Gmail inbox has now been transferred with the chosen emails. To verify this, sign in to your Gmail account using a web browser.


You may occasionally need to switch from Apple Mail to Gmail due to certain circumstances. You must learn how to import from Apple to Gmail in order to do this. By using the techniques described in this essay, you can accomplish this with ease. In case something goes wrong, it's also crucial to make a backup copy of your Apple Mail mailbox data in MBOX. Other email programs like Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Spicebird, etc. make it simple to import this backed-up MBOX file. With the use of a professional MBOX converter application, you can also convert MBOX to EML, PST, PDF, HTML, and many other file formats.


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Go to Mail > Preferences > Accounts > + from the Menu Bar and sign in to the Gmail account. Open the Inbox folder of the Apple Mail account and select the emails you want to move to the Gmail mailbox. Drag the selected emails and drop them in the Gmail Email folder.