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We have not yet, learned how to love.

#3 judge not



One cool evening down by the blue spring pond, I heard an old bullfrog croak to his mate “Iris”, as he sat upon his lily pad: 

“Iris, things are not the same around these waters. Our offspring no longer croaks a song unto our Creator.” 


Mrs Bullfrog rolled her big eyes towards the old frog and said,

“Bully, why do you suppose that happened? And, why does everyone seem so angry in our pond? I’ve seen strange frogs come into our glades and they are taking over our lily pads.”  


The old Bullfrog took a deep breath, “You know darlin, when you think about it this began to happen when some of us turned our back on our Creator and the family values he gave to us. Our tadpoles rebelled against God. They grew up, became strong frogs and grew away.”


Iris Bullfrog quickly snapped up a fly, nodded and said, “The east end of our pond where the strangers have been stomping on the lilies have become dumping waters. The froggy assemblies are frightened by the violence and are jumping into different puddles and ponds. Some are even croaking against each other and Bully, I heard down by creek defiance, “Prepared Gestation”  are destroying our precious tadpoles.” 


The wise old frog looked up into the full moon and sadly said, “My dear, we have not yet learned how to love and not attack each other, but to go after the problem instead.”


The angry spirit Mrs Iris Bullfrog talked about in her pond had seeped into believing hearts and began to divide the frogs. The once beautiful blue pond became polluted and poisoned by a lie and the froggy citizens rebelled in selfishness, anger and fear instead of love and faith. 


Jesus said, “a new command I give to you; Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:34


Not so simple a task when trials appear in our lives. When we walk away from our Father, the light of His word becomes dim and is replaced by darkness. 


Together, we can change our nation by repenting one by one. If you are married, repent together. Repent with a friend. Wherever your circle of weakness lies, hold fast with each other. Stand strong through the trials and pray for each other. When we love God more than anything else in our lives change will come. Only through Christ can we make the decision, to begin to give each other the benefit of the doubt and forgive; and in this way, we will get the garbage out of our pond.


Pray with me:


Heavenly Father,

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