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What are the benefits of hosting Sage on cloud?   General Discussion

Started Jun-9 by MarkWilson12; 48 views.

From: MarkWilson12


Sage 50, formerly known as Peachtree, is a highly suitable and versatile accounting solution for SMBs. The software provides all tools and functions that makes accounting easy and accurate. When Sage hosted on cloud offers many unmatched benefits to help small businesses run smoothly along with saving money and time.

1. High Security
When Sage 50 is hosted on cloud, all the security measures are taken care by the cloud hosting provider. They take steps to ensure that your data is safe using data encryption technologies, third-party audits, backup power supplies and firewalls. There is no risk of data loss since the data is saved in multiple servers and regularly backed up.

2. Cost-effective
With Sage 50 cloud hosting, upfront costs, installation, and maintenance costs are replaced by minimal monthly rental. Cloud hosting streamlines your IT infrastructure since you would not need to pay for expensive servers or storage. You also don’t have to worry about upgrades as this would be taken care of by the cloud hosting provider.

When Sage 50 is hosted on the cloud, you don’t need a dedicated IT personnel. All troubleshooting tasks are handled by skilled support team hired by the cloud provider.

3. Easy Access
Being able to work on Sage 50 software and access data through the internet allows clients or employees to work in a single file at the same time irrespective of their location. Companies with multiple locations or mobile employees find that centralized access to data allows them to work as though they were all in the same office.

4. Paperless Environment
Sage 50 on the cloud provides you a centralized database to take care of all the documentation needs. This helps you eliminate unnecessary paperwork and creates a paperless work-culture, which helps the environmental causes. Get to know more about Sage Conversion to QuickBooks in detail.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Mark Wilson