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How to migrate Public folders to SharePoint?   General Discussion

Started Jun-9 by MarkWilson12; 50 views.

From: MarkWilson12


Following is the method to migrate Public folders to SharePoint

Step – 1: Create a new PST file in Outlook.

In the Outlook application which is configured with an Exchange account, you should create a new PST file. To create a new PST file, follow New Items>>More Items>>Outlook Data File.

follow New Items>>More Items>>Outlook Data File

Step – 2: Move public folders data to the PST file

After creating a new PST file, you can manually export data from the Exchange public folder to the PST file. You should select only such thing which you want to migrate and leave the rest. The benefit of copying the data from public folders is that if data is lost in the migration process due to any technical error, then you can again access the data from the public folder.

Step – 3: Migrate the PST file to SharePoint

After creating the PST file containing files from the public folder, you can transfer the data from PST to your SharePoint account. Start by opening the SharePoint in your web browser and go to the respective document library. After accessing the document library, convert the URL of the library to UNC (Universal naming convention).

After converting the URL to the UNC format, you can map the drive to the SharePoint. It is done by conducting the drag-&-drop function from PST to SharePoint library. After migration the data, you can refresh the document library, and the data will be present in the list.

I hope this information will be helpful!

Mark Wilson