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Result errors   General Discussion

Started Jun-20 by RU12A; 317 views.
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From: TDOG56


Hi RU12A,

I would suggest going into the Chart/Program Files and edit the odds manually and reprocess.

Keep a record of the Dog's name and check any future Program downloads to see if the odds error has been corrected or not.

If it hasn't then you can go ahead and edit the Program File.



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From: RU12A


Thanks. I did adjust the final odds for that race in the IMPfile. I was able to get the pool totals from buildabet2 and figured out the odds using that info. They never did fix that chart that I know of. So all eight dogs in that race had the wrong odds assigned to them. Probably in the grand scheme of things doesn’t make much difference so I didn’t mess around with the program files but just wanted to point out how a bad chart can mess QD up. Good luck to all.

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From: TomBarrister


Correct charts and payouts aren't a huge priority for greyhound operators.  Usually some low-wage person does these as one of several duties during the day.  Dubuque Greyhound could take up to 4 days to even get a chart out, and the last one of the season sometimes didn't show up for months.

I can remember fixing payout errors of $980 to win (should have been $9.80), and superfecta payouts of several million (no idea how that happened.  They were frequent, and Mike had a workaround setting to limit the size of a payout to whatever the user wanted.  Mine was $50.00 for win bets.