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Handicapping spreadsheets   General Discussion

Started Jul-25 by TJHounds; 144 views.

From: TJHounds


Hello to all

Is anyone using a spredsheet to handicap the hounds?

I am interested in a spredsheet called Green method, but can not seem to make it work.



From: TDOG56


Hi TJHounds,

Depending on when it was created it may have been setup to use Data from a different provider such as Rosnet or the Program files may have been in a different format such as .txt or .html.

There is the other possibility that it was setup to import files that were generated from QuickDog.

Hard to tell, unless we can actually take a look at it.

One option if you don't want anyone else to see it would be to post a Job on Upwork and have one of the Excel Experts fix it for you :)

Unfortunately, there is no longer much help available on this Forum. I can't even get someone that still has a working version of QuickDog to provide me with the Lines.txt and Setup.txt files for the 4 remaining Tracks. so that I could buildup a Database in Dogpak :(

I was the one who worked with Mike Groves back in the beginning to get the lines.txt and Setup.txt file export implemented as well as a couple other export options.

Good luck!