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Buy MCAM To Bring Your Future Successful With MCAM Moneda   General Discussion

Started May-19 by 07099; 42 views.

From: 07099


MCAM Moneda is aToken that will act as a payment mode with in the Moneda ecosystem.  It is a TRC20 compatible token that is developed on Tron Network Chain.Users will get rewarded in Moneda tokensas well as other TRC20 Token due to its UNIQUE CRYPTO FAUCETFEATURE a. It will act as the main unit to settle all transactions on the network.Used for utility bill payment, prepaid  recharges, travel booking etc. Tokenization of fine art, digital art and entertainment content.Only 100 MCAM can be sold at one address in 24hours. MCAM Moneda would launch the alpha version of its social service on block chain for practical and rapid business development. Through the launch and operation of the alpha version, various aspects of the blockchain-based service will be explored/researched, and these findings will be reflected in the beta version. The Protocol provides an optimized environment for using blockchain by service or corporations targeting large-scale users.

Get More Info: https://clubmoneda.blog/