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Handicapping software recommendations?   General Discussion

Started 12/12/22 by TJHounds; 586 views.

From: TDOG56


Hi TJHounds,

Unless you have a program that can parse the Programs and Chart files and can then be used to create Lines.txt & Setup.txt files or a Spreadsheet that can import the Programs and Charts you would be relegated to using a Program that accepts manual entry. 

Most of those Programs would be the old DOS based Programs such as DogPak for instance.

Load and Go Greyhounds by Dr. Pender Noriega can be used, but I am not sure if it is still available or not. It can import .html Program files that have been saved as .txt files.

One thing that you will find is that there are often errors in the Programs and Charts as the Tracks just don't QA the files before uploading them to Trackinfo.com.

Racing Greyhounds still offers their Stat Attack, Stat Force and TIpsheets for those that want to go that route. 

Not much out there unless you want to create your own Program or pay someone else to code one for you.

Southland will be done racing for good at the end of this month. So we will be down to 2 Tracks running in the United States. Both in West Virginia.


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From: smmworld


Thank you for providing this information.


smm panels

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Hello TDOG56,

I saw this message and wondered if you or anyone you know could send me a copy of Dogpak.

Pico Publishing doesn't carry it any longer; they just sell the products it outputs. I bought a Racepro file and a Stat Attack file, but I'd like to make my own again.

No worries if not,

Thanks, Joe