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Started 8/24/15 by Garysix2; 243532 views.

From: rgs97


Just dropping in and nice to see you post.  Hopefully, no more power problems like you wrote about. " Whata wintah" as us new yawkahs say.  Several days below 10 with a wind which makes breathing tough for everybody.  I had a doctor visit one or two times and the 10 feet to the warm car was impossible.  But I made it obviously and now we are fighting the 30 degree days and still the wind.  Breathing has been horrendoius but hanging as best I can.  How are you and how did you get through the winter?  No word at all from mike, and unfortunately we have to assume the worst. thinking maybe he's on another copd website but I don't know of any. Makes me thing of a couple of years ago when there we so many people on the websit.  Sure do hope you are as well as you can be and even decent...I try to do a little exercise, but the copd and bad heart limit it.  But we keep trying, right?  Take care my friend. Bob S


From: Bonsville


Hi, Bob,

I'm sitting here wearing a Holter monitor because a couple of times in the last two weeks my heart was racing and I was feeling very frightened. I'd been putting off going to the cardiologist, so I had to go today (they squeezed me in on their "emergency" day, Tuesday), and the doctor will let me know later this week what's going on. He said my EKG was completely normal, and they'll do an echocardiogram tomorrow after I turn in the Holter monitor. I should do this once a year. I've been picking up a little with my exercising. The doc said I should take another Metoprolol if the high heart rate doesn't go away by itself, but I'm going to talk to him on Friday when he calls with the result of the Holter monitor readings and the echocardiogram.

As far as another site goes, I have found a new home on Inspire. There's a community called Living with COPD Support Community, and that's where I mainly hang out. There are very nice people there, and many who are regulars and who have good information. There's a lot of everything there. The main Inspire site has lots of areas that it covers. You should take a look. This is the link to the Living with COPD forum: https://www.inspire.com/groups/american-lung-association-copd/.  On the top left of the page are navy-blue navigation buttons. Look around. It's comfortable to me now. I've mentioned it to Sue and Triff but they haven't said anything about having tried it, but if you want more interaction, that's a good place to go. There are other groups about lung-related issues, also. Goodness, they have a list of other communities that makes your head spin!

It's great to hear from you, Bob. If you go over to Inspire, I'm Alanafor, but I don't post a lot, just now and then if I have something to say.

Spring is on the way!! The sun blasts into my sliding glass doors that face south so badly that I have to close my shades every afternoon, but now it's getting higher in the sky and isn't so bad. It's a shame to have a sunny day and have to close your shades! Know what I mean?

Onward, in faith, go we who remain to fight the good fight.


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SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)


Hi Bonnie,

Hope all is good with your halter monitor and echocardiogram. Can be scary when heart races and I think sometimes is caused by the COPD meds. But best to have it checked out.

I am on the inspire site also - lots of good information there and also mycopd.com.

I read you are exercising more - that is great. I will be glad when the roads/sidewalks are clear enough to walk with my little dog but right now do not get far before hit ice on the walks or people hitting pot holes filled with water and splashing us.

I still go to the gym couple times a week as weather permits and walk the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3.3 mph and do other things also. Even if do not go to the gym I try to walk at least 1-2 miles here in the house even if just walking in place while watching tv.

Hope only good news on your heart and take care. Be safe with the coming wind - I will get it before you.

sue quit 3/17/2016


From: Bonsville


Hi, Sue,

Good to hear from you -- glad you're staying active.

The heart tests were fine. He said to take another Metroprolol if I get too uncomfortable if my heart races. He said it's nothing to worry about. I went to mycopd.com, but it's connected with a specific drug that I don't take. Anyway, Inspire is enough for me. I'm glad it exists. It's not quite as chummy as this place was/is, but it's still nice and people do share deeply.

I am psyched because Spring is very close. We here in New England had a very easy winter, with way below average snowfall, though it has been very cold. On balance, this is one of the least obnoxious winters we've had in more than 20 years, at least. That's how it seems to me, anyway. The weather people may have a different view according to their statistics, but I just know that what little snow we've gotten is gone after about two days, at most, so it's almost like a "snowless winter." I feel bad for the people who depend on plowing income, but they must have alternative plans for winters like this. The amount of money saved by towns and cities has got to be huge, and maybe they can use that money to fix streets and otherwise tend to their infrastructure.

I got bad news when I saw my cardiologist -- that my pulmonologist had died 2/9/19. I burst into tears. We didn't have a close relationship, but I did love him, in a way, and was extremely saddened. I don't know what he died of, but he was out on sick leave for a year before he died. He had a quiet way of showing compassion to me, because I sometimes cried when I was in his office for check-ups, still not dealing with the illness particularly well. What could he do? Not much, but his just being there was something, and I guess maybe it was transference on my part, but I developed feelings for him. 

I'm going to see the nurse practitioner who works with the new pulmonologist in his office and have an appointment April 1 with that person, a woman. I've been postponing appointments because I had no real need to see anyone, but it's been so long now that I think I should. I see the eye doctor on March 13.  I put off seeing him for a long time, too.

I hope to get back on the horse and get stronger. Going out two days in a row this week was a good thing. I'm going out of my apartment, even if it's just to walk around inside the building, every day now.

I wonder where Mike is these days, and hope he's okay. We've heard from Bob and Triff, and I guess we're all that's left of the gang.

Keep well and God bless you!


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SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)



Sounds like you have had a much easier winter then we have here in up state NY. I still have about 3 foot of ice covered with snow in my yard. Some has melted so now have ponds that turn into skipping rinks at night....LOL

Sorry to hear about you pulmonary doc dying - that must have been a shock. Since he was on medical leave for a year wonder if cancer. Hope you like the new one as well.

Glad to hear that otherwise the cardiologist had good news and all is well.

I do not go onto MyCopd.com much - they are in teams and it is not the same. Not related to any specific drug that I am aware of.

Take care....sue


From: Bonsville


When I put mycopd.com into the address field, the browser took me to http://www.brovana.com/, which is evidently a nebulizing drug.
I'm not actually getting a pulmonologist. I'm going to be seeing a nurse practitioner who works with the new pulmonologist. I'm sure it will be fine. Her work will be supervised, and I'm not a hard case. There's nothing to be done, really, but for them to check my vitals and pat me on the head. LOL.
It wasn't such a shock, because I had considered that he might die, and in fact just a few days prior to going in for my Holter monitor, I had looked him up online. But what I didn't do was type "obituary," which would have brought me to a location where his obituary was posted.
I hope you get out of the icy grip of Old Man Winter soon!
SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)



Try it this way....https://www.mycopdteam.com/activities/

You may be able to just click in it once I hit send/post.

NP's are good by me - I use one as my PCP


Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


I am sure it was a shock having to get a new Pulmonologist with the old and trusted person dying as it takes a long time to form a decent relationship with trust.

I am glad even though winter is bad for us all it was a little less snowy for you.

I am hoping you do get to be a bit stronger and you keep yourself healthy and yes it is hard to learn to deal with the whole disease but I am sure your attitude now and the new work will keep you motivated to put one foot in front of the other each day will help.

Of course having said that we have those ups ad downs and when its a bad down we wonder all those unspoken thoughts and just cant see our way forward.Its so difficult for others to understand but this group is really helpful even if there are fewer people.I used to read it and I feel those who have gone before would be hoping we all carried on while we could.

I am wishing you a good spring and perhaps more time outside after the winter inside.

I do believe my latest addition to my meds is making it much easier for me.Using the nebulizer when I get a bad attack where I cant breathe is totally amazing and I feel I am in control by having this around.

Lots of good vibes coming to you  Triff

Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


Sue I am sorry you have all that ice for you and Skippy and hope soon you get a good spring before all the extra heat of summer.

I am enjoying a mild autumn and know spring and autumn are the best months for me to spend outside although the pollen counts are still very high.I havent found the forums helpful as things ar very different here on the otherside of the world

I hope keeping fit even if it is walking inside will keep you strong


SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)


Hi Triff,

I am so tired of the snow and ice. We have been getting hit with one storm after another. I have been wearing yaktrax on my shoes all winter.

Yesterday afternoon a lot of the ice had melted some in the paths in the snow and ice and it was a muddy mess. Overnight it snowed and temps dropped again now back to all ice with a little snow on top.

Yes spring will come and with it allergies again, know what you mean. Then we can at least walk outside until it get to hot for Skippy (he is small and all black so overheats easily)

Good to hear from you. And yes I walk inside or go to the gym when I can , when can not walk outside.

Take care.....sue quit 3/17/2016