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Freedom '16   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 2/3/16 by ModAndrea; 866447 views.

From: ModAndrea


It's great to have you here, Michelle! It's raining here, too. I'm in upstate New York. The snow in my neighbors' backyard is now a small pond.

This will get better, Michelle. Stay close to the forum.

You are doing this! blush



P.S. This picture brightens my day even with the rain.

Michy D

From: Michy D


It' beautiful.  I'm on Long Island, so most of the snow is gone except where the plows made 10 foot mountains.  They are about 5 feet now.  I am hanging in and have stayed strong with my NOPE pledge today.  Thanks Andrea :)

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Hello everyone,  here we are in our new home.    I am nearly 2 weeks into this quit and intend to make it to 2 years and beyond.  Even early on you notice small things - like I am a bit more active at the gym for one.  Stopping smoking is really a whole life change.

See you all by the pool.

Moving forward with you


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From: Stephanie626


I'm still with you all, halfway through day 9 and climbing. I think I'm still in the early caffeine WD stage, my mid/low back has been driving me crazy the past 2 days. I'm still not sleeping well and then waking up too early, I'll be happy when this phase passes.

All in all, it really hasn't been as bad as I had it built up to be in my mind, so it may be advantageous to have a vivid imagination with catastrophic thinking!

I hope everyone else is doing well, I'll catch up with you by the pool this evening.


Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


Hang on in there Stephanie.How wonderful you are climbing through the days like that.Day 9 is getting into your second week .

I am sorry your bac is so painful .Do you have  a bath to soak in s you could chuck in some epsom salts and lavender .Its really soothing and of course you cant smoke in the bath.I am guilty of soaking in the bath while drinking herb tea,reading a book and having a soothing candle going too.

Enjoy your time at the pool tonight


From: Amdarc


Hi Sue

Hope all is well with you. At last I am able to start cleaning the house again. It's amazing how I can now smell things more (even dust). I thought it was better just to rest, sip water etc and not worry too much about anything but now I seem to be finding some energy to pretty the place up a bit again. Looking forward to having a dip in the Freedom '16 pool later too.

Talk again  soon. Anne-Marie

Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


Wow Anne Marie cleaning the house seems to be in the air now.Its not important but means you are heading on to more normal things now again and pick up your life.I havent got there yetsmile

I am in for a stressful week and am just taking it step by step.Its been too hot for me so I spent the day surviving today which actually did me good.Hubby is off for an operation on Tuesday so we will see how things go.At least this time is just a repair to his shoulder so I am not too concerned having been through far worse.Our main problem is I cant drive at the moment so we are stocking up on what is needed for a few weeks  to start with.

Normally I coped by smoking(he was  a chain smoker for years too)so i have to learn to cope some other way .

Its good to see some of you that I have met in January here.I didnt join until I knew I was actually sure I could make it earlier on but am glad I did now as I have met some lovely people here and people who do understand 

Neats (842)

From: Neats (842)


YIPPEE!  I have made it and so glad to be on this freeing journey with you all. I am jumping right in that pool and dunking in my junkie head to refresh and energise. Thanks to you all for being so supportive some of whom we have spoken and some not as yet but enjoy reading all the post within this forum community and know it will just be a matter of time before we all get to know each other a bit better. Don't worry Sue about the cleaning  you will get round to it in time. I have been the opposite for years a bit of a tidy freak. Now I feel, to heck with it. This is now about me regaining control of my life and healing from this addiction. So let's all relax and start enjoying this amazing journey tigether. FREEDOM 


From: Amdarc


Thanks for absolving me from worry about the house cleaning breathefree. I seem to do a bit then head back to my chair out the back or the couch and sip on that straw. At least I'm learning how to meditate properly which I've always wanted to do.

It must be hard to not be able to drive. It's been really hot here too and I get into the car every now and then just to be in the airconditioning and so I can have the music up really loud so that I can try and sing. (now that I can do it without coughing my heart out!)

Hope everything goes well for your hubby. Having surgery is always a worry and the anaesthetic is even more of a worry if you have been a smoker. I'm a nurse if you need a hand with anything. You'll have to bring hubby to the pool to rehabilitate when he gets out of hossy.

Talk again soon


ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey, morning (here, anyway) Anne-Marie

How's it going?  Got half our bedroom thoroughly cleaned yesterday and finishing it today.  I've been accompanied by loud, cheerful music on the radio and a lot of dancing between the scrubbing so it turned out to be quite enjoyable.  I still want to pinch myself - 25th day today - whoa!! - it's brilliant being a non-smoker and really is getting better each day. 

Speak soon.  Take care.