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My new journey with the big C   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 11/11/16 by Rich (lexx0); 231042 views.

Congratulations on 8 Years you old quitter hahaha! It's so nice to hear from you. Hope the struggles you two are battling are easing up. Cancer Sucks!! I guess you'll be bike riding again. Spring is taking its time hitting here in Toronto as its still very rainy and cool. It sure is great to be a quitter and I never regret the battle to get here.

Wishing you both great times in the warm months ahead! 

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Thanks my friends.  I can't imagine waiting for my slow wife and still being a smoker ;p


OmG, that was such a nice message u sent me.  I pray for u  and Linda too.  I heard about a shot to strengthen bones and am planning on asking the doc on my next visit.  I have lost height, so , why wait until i am officially losing bone density!  Do u want me to find out what the name of the shot is?  Let's be proactive and save what we have left  that's still in good condition.   

We WILL get better!  I do believe in miracles - life is a miracle in itself and i am alive.

Happy to report that i made my appointments, checked my new insurance is accepted, braced myself to pay a lot as the whatever u call it is so high, ouch, my memory for words is bad today.  Thought about how to get to the appointments.   Made at convenient times - you learn from experience!  Brace myself to deal with repeat trips in case the paperwork isn't good - that's happened to me.

And finally get on with the next stage.  No, stage is a bad C word.  So, next set of hopefully, routine, testing.

Colitis is a big pain !  Sorry to hear about that.  Ever read dr sarno books?  Colitis is real, but often aggravated by our state of mind.  Nervous stomach etc.

Hope u got the new part for the bike and tried the trip again - sounds like that's a good way to let the anger out ? :) 

Hang on in there...


Hi Triff,  really hope u are out of hospital.  Pros and cons of yours and our medical system.  Here, i might have private insurance, but it costs so much and there are so many uncovered loopholes, that it's  enough to make u sick. Truth and pun intended.

Btw, i really enjoyed the group hug!  U always have the right level of empathy for everyone here.


Hey you!  Just realized you get a major CONGRATULATIONS.  I am so impressed!  8 years is a long time.  Imagine having not quit?  You would really be a big loser after what u have been through.  Enjoy spring riding and not having to brake for cigs!  Its all win, win!

Your admirer,


Triff (breathefree)

From: Triff (breathefree)


Thanks Janet I think its easy to have empathy with ot supporters and buddies here because we have been through so much together.

I am trying to sort things here and its a very difficult situation to go through.I have private insurance but no one in my specialty here and too far to go else where.While my dear son and partner and ambulance did well to get me to ED and I survived something else occurred which I still find unbelievable.

I am still suffering the effect of prednisone and the last decent sleep would have been Easter Friday.I am pleased to be reasonably sane still.It all came while going through a very acrimonious settlement after he did unspeakable things.

I try to use the mindset and strength I learned to use here and take it in tiny steps

My loophole is unbelievable but I try to remain positive here  so it shall lie where I have left it and remember not to look behind me as that is not the direction we are going


Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


Sounds like you suffered a traumatic incident my friend.  I love your attitude, you have to take it a moment at a time.  I'm sorry this has happened to you, whatever it was/is.  Remember sweetie, prednisone has terrible mood-altering properties which will improve the longer you are finished with it.  Wish I could say more. Let us know how you make out in the days/ weeks to come, ok?


Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


You sound so much better than last year.  We have so much in common.  I'm just waiting for Linda to get ready for one of several appts this week.  Makes it tough to split off time to visit my ailing mother in WV, all she does is complain on the phone and wishes she were dead. I think Weds I'll be able to get there and do shopping, etc.

I got my bike together again and now a cold/rainy weather front moved in for at least the next 7 days.  I get out when I can though. Anyway, take life as it presents itself, right?  Take care and talk to you soon. Remember, anytime you want to chat drop a note ;D


Oh it feels great not needing a smoke anymore.  I still remember going outside 6 or 7 times while my daughter was on the way in labor ;p  Gads, that's the one thing I'd not do if I had a life do over.

Rich (lexx0)

From: Rich (lexx0)


I can wish ;p Have a great week folks.


Hmmm, according to the calc I saved $35K from quitting eight years ago. What a terrible addiction.

SueP (josep2001)

From: SueP (josep2001)


Hi Rich, 

Has been awhile since I have been on the forum.  Congratulation on the 8 years - know I am late in posting, but better late then never.

I passed my 3 years in March, so we are making it.

Will have to catch up on your post but see Linda has some more issues, sorry to hear that.

sue quit 3/17/2016