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Either/Or   Jokes and Games

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 483263 views.

From: JavaNY


I do, I would knock first, check for guard dogs, but breaking would be next. 

I think Wallet is the same. Google Wallet merged with Android Pay and become Google Pay. I think it was just renamed. I'll try it again. Though my local bar and diner don't take it. They only started accepting credit cards during COVID. 

You find an isolated civilization behind the opulent home. They have some useful knowledge that would help all of humanity. However, exposing them might harm them. Do you tell the world about them? 


From: Loreficent


Ok, so I thought deeply about this one. No. I wouldn’t expose them. History repeats itself because nobody listens the first time. History shows that time and again, beautiful cultures and civilizations are destroyed for the “good of mankind”and it doesn’t seem to have brought us incredibly far. We are just as destructive as ever. This is the kind of conversation that I could likely expound on for a few hours, so I’ll leave it at that joy, knowing that it isn’t my lot in life to change the trajectory mankind is on… my role is small and in the small day to day encounters, so their secrets are safe with me if I’m ever rescued. 

If you use Google wallet then you will have all you need in one pocket grinning. Except for your bar and diner though. I love that they are old school. 

In this house, on the table, you see a small bottle of liquid that says “Drink Me”. Do you drink it or leave it alone?


From: JavaNY


I don't drink without any other guidance. I guess I am less daring than Alice. 

You have been in the house a while and are homesick. You go through a mirror and find a magical world. The Queen of Hearts says she can send you home right away, or you can explore for a month, then she can send you home, unless she forgets or beheads you. Do you leave immediately or wait?

I downloaded Google and I had it already as that is what the Elections Board uses. That is NYC, my vaccine card is in a distinct NYS wallet. Maryland is the first state to allow your license to be on your phone.  Some concern with that because if you provide it to a police officer, they take it back to their car and can see any apps or texts. I guess they can see if you were texting while driving. Though I don't drive so no worries for me. 


From: Loreficent


Oh I’m gonna wait and explore for the month of course! Magical World sounds fabulous. 

Before you explore or go home, do you either go back for the woman you left on the other island or leave without her? 

Oh…yea, no. I’m not giving my phone up to an officer. Not because I text and drive, I don’t except for having Siri do it by voice. Because I don’t give my phone to anyone I don’t know. The days of total trust in police for me are gone. Dated a few too many in years past I guess joy, and that’s the least of my reasons… Actually, I went out with a Lisboa Polícia. He was so curious about my perspective on things in the US concerning Police. I did my best to give what I thought was a balanced view. I kind of feel if I ever get pulled over in the US they owe me one for that, joy
What do you do with the Elections Boards on your phone? Is a NYS wallet a government issue kind of thing? 


From: JavaNY


I would go back to the island for my gal. 

The NYS wallet was created for COVID. It's called NYS Wallet Excelsior Pass. It is government issued because it has the NYS emblem on it. I downloaded it from Google Play, entered my name and birthday and it told me when I had the vaccine. I confirmed and it serves as ID. I guess any place that gives the vaccine reports it to a central database. 

Years, ago when I coted. I'd go tell someone my name, they'd pull out a piece of paper in a loose-leaf binder which had my signature the last 20+ times I voted. I'd sign and vote. At some point the city started sending you a piece of paper with your district on it, as many people didn't know and would stand in the wrong line or go to the wrong address. Eventually it became a card, which you could show so you don't need to spell your name.

Some 6-7 years ago, iPads replaced the loose-leaf binders (so sad) and they could scan your cardboard card to check if you are registered and in the right place. You sign the Ipad. I think putting it on the phone just eliminates the need to carry the card. 

As you pack to head home, you have space remaining for one book. Is it the history of the magical place or a cookbook from it?


From: Loreficent


I think I’d take the history book. Good to know I was not beheaded stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

That’s interesting the state wallet and history of your voter card. I don’t think Oregon did anything like the during the pandemic. I moved there in 2004 and everything was vote by mail  then already. Maybe that’s why? I think it’s a good idea to have a photo of important necessary documents on the phone, such as passport, vaccine card, and whatever else. I just have them all in notes so they are very easy access. Your nostalgia for the previous system of the binder and papers resonates with me. In spite of the convenience of a lot of the technology I use, I still miss some things being more old school. Just seemed more personal maybe…

When you go back to the first Island to get the girl (that you didn’t know very well at first and who was kind of annoying) tells you she’s fallen in love with you and wants to spend the rest of her days on the Island with just you and she won’t leave either way. Do you stay with her or leave alone? 


From: JavaNY


I think I would leave alone. 

Maybe regarding voting. Historically you had to prove you had a reason to vote by mail in NY. Basically, you were out of town. Primary voting is going on now for two weeks. Seems like overkill.

Assuming both were safe, would you rather go in a submarine or get sent up Virgin Galactic space? 


From: Loreficent


Great, I’m not beheaded, you’re not in love with some annoying gal, and we are off of the island and on to new adventures! I’d say things are great for us Paul! joy

I’d take the space trip. Not sure why but I might feel a bit less claustrophobic in that than the submarine. Plus I’ve always wanted to see the Earth from space with my own eyes. 

Would you pay $250,000 for the trip or not? 

Sorry..,that’s a bit of a cop out choice, and perhaps sounds a bit morbid and judgmental after this past weeks events. I’m trying to wrap my mind around the Greece Coastguard watching 500 people drown whilst we spent millions trying to rescue 5… maybe I’d be better off spiritually back on that island joyjoyjoy


From: JavaNY


I wouldn't pay $250k for either the sub or what is currently a space trip. If I had the money, I'd pay it for a real space trip. A few miles up is not space to me. Maybe I'd pay it for a sub with Jacque Cousteau's grandson. 

Greece may figure rescuing boats just encourages more people to try it. And watching France burn doesn't help. 

For the holiday, do you prefer crosette or brocade fireworks. I didn't know they had all sorts of names. 



After boring you with an explanation of the NYS Wallet, I received this text yesterday. 

As of July 28, 2023, the Excelsior Pass Plus (EPP) and the NYS Wallet Apps will no longer be available. Following the reduced demand for access to digital COVID-19 test and vaccine records and the official end of the COVID-19 public health emergency on May 11, 2023, the NYS Wallet will be discontinued.


From: Loreficent


Oy. Yes, the world has its wobbles…. It’s funny cause it’s really not that complicated in my mind. 
Very cool the different names for fireworks! I didn’t know that either. I’ve always named them “the pow” ones or the “the spirally ones”, etc. Out of these two I like brocade. Also I LOVED watching Jacques Cousteau shows as a kid! 

Seems there would be other handy uses for a digital wallet than showing your vaccine card. Maybe costs too much to maintain the database? 

Since it’s the 4th… Hot Dogs or Hamburgers on the grill?