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Either/Or   Jokes and Games

Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 481873 views.

From: Loreficent


Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit…

I like ketchup and mustard both! Relish and onions too!yum

Thats a funny story Paul. I’m sure you were relieved for it to turn up joy There are some new things with passports now. I always do this digital facial recognition thing going through the airport. It can create long lines as most folks don’t know how to use it yet. You put your passport in some thingy and stand in front of this camera and it scans your face. I’m on the short side and it seems to take a few tries, lol. Folks in the Netherlands have some sort of digital mark or something they have on their wrist now for ID and to pay for stuff. Kind of creepy if you ask me…I’m sure we will be there soon too. Maybe not…Americans seems more skeptical of these kinds of things by nature…. ? I only take a carry on anymore. Can do 4 weeks from one carry on. I’m proud of that fact! Can’t believe all the crap people haul abroad for a week or 10 day trip joy. But that also means I gotta drag it through these littLe Photo Booth stops and some of the airports it’s not a big space. 

Aisle or window seat preference on a plane


From: JavaNY



For me ketchup on burgers and mustard on hotdogs. 

I don't think I've seen the facial recognition. I'll need to look next time I fly. Facial recognition popped up at the Whole Foods checkout. Not sure exactly what it does but I see a picture of myself while in the self-service checkout. I guess to stop shop lifting, not sure how. But it is a bit creepy seeing myself. 

Compared to your friends, are you likely to arrive at the airport too early, or too late?


From: Loreficent


Probably too early these days.

Hi Paul!

I’ve been MIA again. Still a non smoker though! How’s things over there for you? 

Pay extra for upgraded seats on a long flight or no? 


From: JavaNY


Hi Lore,

Usually no. I've flown a lot and while business class is better than economy, flying in general is miserable, and gets more miserable each year. 

Everything is good with me. NYC was flooded today. Looking at pictures of the subways, streets, and LaGuardia airport. I guess budget cuts affect maintenance and nobody notices right away.  

In that spirit, are you more likely to carrry an umbrella when it isn't needed, or not have one when it is?

No reason for this. 


From: Loreficent


Hi Paul

Wow!!! That is so dangerous. I hope everyone is ok. I know very little about electricity, etc., but when you talk about a subway being flooded that is the first place my mind goes. How do people in the water not get electrocuted? Is this a concern or do I just not know about electrical issues. This happened in Lisboa this past Winter. Other contributing factors, but it was terrible. Hopefully you didn’t get caught up in this! 

I seem to be most often caught without an umbrella joy. It seems to also be my insurance if it is raining when I leave and I’m hoping for the sun to come out, I grab my umbrella and soon, it gets sunny and I’m carrying my umbrella joyjoy. In Portland, it is a way to tell if someone is from there or not. If they have an umbrella they are most likely not from the PNW. It’s some odd cultural sign of weakness or something to use one, lol. 

You are in one of the most fabulous cities in Europe (any) and it starts pouring rain, do you continue on with your sightseeing or go back to your hotel? 

Ok, that’s a bit of a lame choice but I’m not firing with all pistons today joy


From: JavaNY


I continue, maybe drop into a bar or coffee house, but wouldn't go back to my hotel.

When you first enter a bar do you have a go-to drink you order, or do you look at what is available?

Hi Lore. What I read is that water is electrified by the 3rd rail, causing it to boil and setting floating debris on fire. It also short-circuits the electrical signals and switches, making it dangerous for the operator to know when to go or stop. But the stations are 4 feet high so not likely to electrocute anyone. I guess water could splash up. If it is that bad, people avoid it. The numerous rats probably also climb up.  Too bad they all don't drown.