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3 weeks today!   Quit Stories and Journals

Started 7/11/17 by GotaCoolJob; 647 views.

Hi again, I was hunting for your quit journal NDA couldn’t find it.  I am now at 4 months, 8 days and still feel terrible.  Head still foggy, can’t think straight.  

what do you think.  I can’t remember what your journal said.

Hello Elaine,

I do not have a journal on the forum.  I kept a paper journal and did not put it online.

Take it one day at  time and try to relax a bit.  This is a process that will take as long as it takes.  Just have some faith that it will improve because it will.

So, read this one year milestone from Wuffie.  It reflects all the pain we go through to win this battle and just how much it is all worth it.

Keep going.

From: Wuffie34

So I made it to the club house!! Yay me!! Get your pom poms ordered because by the time a year rolls around no one will understand the celebration except you and your quit buddies!!! 

No one knows except you the inner struggle, the daily fight, the total anguish you have been through to get to this point. No one except a fellow addict. And we all here are just that, addicts. One slip away from a relapse that would take the peace we now have away. The peace we have worked so hard to obtain. Depressing sounding right? 

Well, I am the RBF of my September group. Those that know me know positive isn't my forte'. But guess what?? Someone's frown got turned upside down and she's here to tell you.. IT'S WORTH EVERY BIT OF CRAP YOU HAD TO GO THROUGH TO GET THAT KEY!!! No sleep, exhaustion, crankiness, crying, cravings, hungry and whatever other discomfort one has to go through to get here. It's worth it because it is temporary; a short time compared to years of this addiction harming your health both physical and mental.

No more smokescreen hiding your beautiful inner self. You are that butterfly that blossomed out of that  chrysalis. All the wonderful colors that make you you revealed. And yes, it was a cluster of a trip out of that chrysalis, but you did it and on the way realized how strong and awesome you are!! Yay you (and me!! get those pom poms and give them a shake!!)

And then there's the health aspect. Have I done harm? Yes, no doubt of that. But the human body is amazing at healing itself. You made the decision to take control of your health and you will continue to reap benefits the longer you stay quit. You have empowered yourself by taking back your health from the nicotine addiction that was sure to hurt you at some point. That fear has been replaced by a calm that you didn't really have as an addict. Anxiety greatly diminished and with regular checkups over time, peace in knowing a long healthier life awaits. (Another shake of those pom poms for your awesomeness!!)

And the friends here who we made along the way, some faceless or nameless and sometimes both. All of us finding our way here and for me personally, coming out of this richer for having crossed paths with all my buddies. Without you, I would not be me. The impossible me who you all have turned into that butterfly. I am eternally grateful for all your support my September Ash Kickers and all the others who have supported me in this. (Molly, MissDogs, Denim, Debbie, the moderators and all the others)

Do not hesitate to see this journey through. You are worth it!! If you slip or relapse just please try again. You are a one of a kind butterfly that cannot be replaced!