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December 2017 Ex-Smokers Group Name Suggestion Thread   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Nov-29 by ModMarge (slowblumer); 1157 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)



Welcome to the  December 2017 Ex-Smokers  Group Name Suggestion Thread.

Here's how it works:

Please add suggestions for your group's name by posting in this thread. Everyone is welcome to participate, but suggestions from members of the December group will be given precedence if we receive more than 20 names.

This thread will close on  December, 25th. I will then open the naming poll with all of your suggestions, and that will stay open until  January, 2nd, in order to give as many of you a chance to vote as possible.

We will announce your official buddy group name on December 3rd!



Msg 2944.2 and the next 1 deleted

From: Bev_1977


CeaseEmbers 2017

Hi Bev,

Thank you.  It's the first on the list.


From: overdoz


Hi Bev, whats up? Hope your doing good.

Been quit for 7 days straight, got tempted to buy a pack today cause they are cheaper in the burbs, but i bought gum and a bottle water instead. 

Hi overdoz,

7 days quit is great.  Hope you will join the other December ex-smokers.


From: Bev_1977


Nope Defenders '17

I started my quit 45 minutes ago. It's been rough taking the plunge.


Quit December 9, 2017

44 minutes and 40 seconds. 0 cigarettes not smoked, saving $0.06. Life saved: 0 minutes.

Hi Bev,

Thanks for the suggestion Bev.   Welcome back.  See you in the December Ex-smoker group.


From: overdoz


its better for our teeth. As we get older we need to take care of our teeth better and the smoking creates a film on them and causes more bacteria, beyond the staining. And then cavities and fillings aren't that much fun, thats what i keep reflecting on. And also the patches help.