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Welcome December 2017 Ex-Smokers   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Nov-29 by ModMarge (slowblumer); 29808 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

Hi Lynn,

Sorry to hear that.  Don't give up.  Keep coming back and fighting to get free of the poisons in those cigarettes. 

Hi Ellie,

Welcome to the forum.  I see one of our quit buddies has already welcomed you.  That's the good thing about this forum, the light is always on.  I remember thinking the same thing when I was younger, I said i would quit at this and that age or time.  But the years kept going by and before i knew it I had smoked for 40 years and had COPD-uck!   I bet you can be smarter than I was.  Glad you are working on that 'no even one puff' idea.  That one puff has been the downfall in many relapses.   I had a two year quit going at one point and decided i 'could handle' that just one because I was in control.  Yep, you guessed it, I was back to full time smoking in no time flat.  

I hope you will stay with us and make this your quit.  As Sue said before, start at the beginning of the thread and read everything you can about nicotine addiction and keep on posting.



From: sagstar60


Hi Ellie,

I can relate to what you are going through. I quit 11/22/17. I went eleven days and relapsed for two days. I went back on the patch yesterday and just picked up from where I left off. So you are  not alone. Also welcome to the forum. I am pretty new here myself recently. We all support each other. I like the  saying that one cigarettes is to many as they travel in packs. I saw that somewhere here on the forum. I just say quitters are winners and do the NOPE pledge everyday. We are all here for each other. I know you can do it. We all can!


Morning Terry,

Your are kicking butt now.  Way to go!



From: sagstar60


Hi Marge,

I am just picking up where I left off on this past Friday. Will do it. Thanks for the encouragement. Have a great smoke free day!


Hi Terry,

That's great.  Will still be cheering for you!


From: Bev_1977



My next quit date will be tomorrow. I have been smoking for a reason. My job became very stressful. They were under staffed and assigned me more resident than what I could handle. I voiced concerns to management, nurses, and fellow STNA's. I ended up quitting on the spot a couple of days ago. An STNA chewed me out for not getting to everyone the day before. I was ready to snap back, but I bit my tongue, went to the nurse to notify her I quit, then marched out the door.

So, I'm looking for another job. I was depressed yesterday, so all I did was sleep. I found jobs online this morning. I just need to update and reformat my resume before I can apply. I'm stressed, but my boyfriend is being very supportive. He said there was a change in me since I started working there and that he is glad I quit. He said he will help me while I look for another job. That's a small relief.

It is what it is, I will be in the pledge tomorrow. 


Hi Bev,

I am so glad to see you Bev.  You know I will be looking for you tomorrow in the pledge.  You have a bunch of quit buddies (including me) who will be here for you.  

Lynn (Tx38special)

From: Lynn (Tx38special)


Thanks Marge, I will.

ellie (elb1002)

From: ellie (elb1002)


They do travel in packs! Haha. Rooting for you today. So cool to know I’m not alone. Today is day 2. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s the best thing I can do for myself - but sometimes my brain says otherwise. Overall, though, I feel good today. So far.