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8 months!   Dots and Stars Milestones

Started 12/2/17 by zonronoso; 1041 views.

From: zonronoso


Yesterday marked 8 months for me! It feels really good and I just wanted to let it out, although I'm not a regular visitor anymore.

Thank you forum, you ve been a tremendous help for me at the tough beginning. 

Hope everyone is doing well, stay strong!


ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi z,

Congratulations on 8 months quit.  What a huge achievement.

Best Wishes to you.


ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Marg

Huge congratulations on 8 months smoke-free.

It's really wonderful when people pop back into the Forum to let us know how they're doing.  Everyone is different and some of us need to be glued to the Forum in order to quit while others can quit with little contact.  Whichever way, though, I think that we all agree that this Forum is the way forward for anyone wanting to quit.

I'll bet you're really starting to enjoy your new life of freedom now.

If ever you get time, do try to write a little milestone post to let everyone (especially newcomers) know how you've achieved what you have.  You're doing great.


From: ModAndrea


Congratulations on EIGHT MONTHS, Marg! That is awesome!

You deserve a nice reward. blush



In reply toRe: msg 4

From: zonronoso


Thank you Marge, Sue, Andrea, you are all so kind.

I´ll  try and post my whole experience when I´m ready to say I m completely free, maybe 10 months from now.

I m doing pretty well, it´s just that during summer has been really tough not to smoke. I hope it will be ok next summer, then I will have 99,9% put it behind me!

But first I have to experience my first Christmas without smoking since ages. Let´s see... I m feeling strong!


From: Janinelove


How you doing? You must be one year smoke free. Hope all is well.


Nicotine free since August 25, 2016


From: zonronoso


Yes! Thank you ! Aprils first was one year mark for me! It felt really good...

I am keeping it low though, I still need to have that summer past me. I hardly ever think about smoking, but a couple of nights ago I was drunk (I haven't really been drunk since ages) and I was really thinking about smoking one. That was close. But I didn't!

You know what. I am experiencing a really strange year. At about 4 months into my quit I had a break down psychologically and since then I have had a lot of ups and downs. There are of course stuff going on in my life that are surely responsible, but I m also wondering if a little bit of this has to do with the fact that I m not drugging  myself up anymore. I haven't really had emotional problems before, this year I recognize I m letting a lot of feelings and emotions out. I tend to be  more sad, but also closer to, and sincere with myself  for that matter.

It s like, I m feeling sad, and this is good, this is real, I have reasons to feel sad and now I can face them / or accept them. I have begun counseling/psychotherapy  for the first time in my life since a couple of months, and I see that as a gift to myself.

Anyway, all is well! Thank you very much for asking and letting me talk about it!

take care


Quit 1. April 2017

  • Edited April 17, 2018 5:20 pm  by  zonronoso

From: zonronoso


Ah and when I m really under pressure I still dream about smoking. That s really funny, I wake up and I m so relieved it was only a dream.

I am also slowly losing the weight I gained, I am almost half way going back to my normal weight!

All in all I feel healthier and, I don't know how else to put it, "more real". 

It just keeps getting better and better. Congrats on getting into the One Year Clubhouse!! Just watch out for that Just One Thinking and Romanticizing smoking as our emotional reactions get in the way sometimes. Keep close to the forum when you get jittery. Soon you will be back to your old self but much improved. Keep Going!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: Janinelove


I had a break down at work a couple of months ago. Panic attacks. Couldn't handle the stress. I knew since 5 years ago I was burned out. I'm a psych nurse but I think the smoking and drinking help me push on. So smy anxiety remain out of control and can't sleep.  I have been on ativan since quitting bc the first 4 to 6 months were emotionally rough for me.  I have been on lexapro for the past 8 weeks. It's amazing i feel like myself again.  I still see a counselor and psychiatrist. I started seeing them after 3rd attempt of quitting smoking.  So hopefully I can learn to handle stress better get off the ativan then some here done the road get off lexapro.  I made a commitment never to smoke again. I never thought I work be on medication but it's better then smoking.  I think quitting just open the door for us to be healthier all around.  We can't smoke through our stresses anymore. We have to learn how much stress we can handle and how to handle it.  I learned it's okay to cry.  If ypu ever need just message me.

Glad you are loosing weight.  That's awesome. Congratulations being one year smoke free.