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Started Dec-3 by Khalid2012; 256 views.

From: Khalid2012


Dear Friends,

I am new to this group. Tonight, will mark a one week of no smoking for me. I am using a patch – 14mm. This is after 30 years of smoking. The journey has been very difficult thus far. I have read a lot, and watched a lot of videos of those who shared their quit-smoking experience. Also, I started reading Allen Carr’s book but, so far, I am not too impressed with his main thesis. I feel he is stating the obvious when he keeps pointing out that nicotine is an addiction, and smokers have nothing to gain from smoking. I dream of remaining smoke-free for the rest of my life.



Hi Khalid,

Welcome to the forum and congrats on once week smoke free  I was a 40 year smoker and this forum provided me with support and education on nicotine addiction, the two things that helped me kick cigarettes.   I know it can do the same for you to make your dream of being smoke free a reality.

You can join the November Ex-Smokers groups by clicking on the link below,


From: Khalid2012


Thanks Marge, 

And congratulations on your smoking cessation. Believe me, i have read everything offered on this website. The problem I am having is not only the separate triggers to smoke but, a continuous feeling of restlessness and  agitation.  I don't know when these feelings will subside.  I hope soon though :) 

Hi Khalid,

I sure understand the agitation and restlessness.  Those feeling will continue for awhile.  Remember , we smoked for so many years.  Quitting is a process and not a short term event. I hope you will stay with us.  The more you know the better.  I can say that the first 6 weeks are very hard.  Don't give up.  Posting here does help with the anxiety, anger and all the other emotions that come to the front when we quit.   Just know, you can do this.

The Icky Threes


From: KalyaRed


Hi Khalid,

I can relate to those feelings of restlessness and agitation. Being hyperactive I get really anxious and have an occasional outburst of anger... From my experience they don't subside soon enough so I have to act on them. 

I find the deep breathing exercises on the site help a lot. They may seem basic at first, but following all the instructions they actually make a difference. Mindfulness techniques also help me a lot. 

Also, I drink less than half the coffee I used to drink a day, workout every day or at least every other day... Come off the subway a stop before mine and do the rest walking. And I drink almost 3 litres of calming infusions a day - chamomile, linden, melissa, lemon grass. Then a hot shower. Everything I can to keep myself busy and calm :)

Hope you stay with us and find your way to freedom!