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Starting over again   General Chit-Chat

Started Dec-4 by sagstar60; 630 views.

From: sagstar60


Hi all,

Fell of the wagon the other day. Started again today. I could use some support actually any support. Am back on the patch again. Thank you!


Hi Terry,

Don't beat yourself up but hope you will jump right back in to your quit.  You might want to join the December 2017 Ex-Smokers.  it'as a little quiet right now but early in the month.  Don't ever give up on yourself.

Welcome December 2017 Ex-Smokers


From: sagstar60


Hi Marge,

Yes I did go back to quitting again today. I know sometimes it can be very hard. But with the support of this group and everyone whom posts I will do it. God bless you and everyone else. I pledge NOPE today kind of late but better late than never. Have a great smoke free evening. I know I will! Again thank you and everyone else as well. 


Hi Terry,

Keep on posting and Noping.  We re all here for you.

This is a great article on defeating the junkie thinking that will come our way in our quits,.

'Knowing what I know now, I realize how faulty this thinking was and how I set myself up for relapse by putting rigid expectations on how my quit program should go ahead of time. And, when my recovery didn't progress as quickly as I'd expected, I got discouraged and gave up'


From: sagstar60



Thank you very much. You have no idea how much I appreciate all of the support I have received. Tonight and tomorrow I am NOPING. Have a wonderful smoke free evening and god bless.


I am sorry  Terry you fell off the wagon but glad you plan to get right back on it again.

I do believe some of us need to have practice runs at quitting until we get it right.I know I did  have to have a many on and off moments before I got my strength to remain free of nicotine .

Follow the guidance and post and read as much as you come because by immersing yourself in the community you can get stronger



From: sagstar60


Hi Triff,

 Yes I agree with you. I did quit on 11/22/17 and went eleven days smoke free. Had two days where I fell off the wagon. Got back on this past Monday and so far so good.  I believe we do the practice runs maybe that is what I had been doing. Either way this time will make it for sure. Thank you so much !


ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Terry

Congratulations on Three Days' smoke-free.

Remember it's just one day at a time.  You can do this.


From: fran2enyc


Hi Terry all you can do is start again I am still on the gum and sometimes on the patch I am not going back to smoking so I will have to slowly ween myself off nicotine. Maybe since you are starting again you can stay on nicotine gum patch longer until you get use to living without that cig in your hand. Good luck I am hoping this will be your last quit. Keep On Noping

Fran quit July 11,2017 


From: kittymom413


Hi there, Terry,

What ever you need to do to make your quit a forever quit is all that matters!! If you need several "practice runs" then so be it. The people here that really care won't judge you for slipping up, that's for sure! Now you know what some of your triggers are so you will know to avoid these situations until your "quit muscles" are stronger.

Don't ever think that we won't have your back; no matter where we are on our quit journey, we're all here for each other!! If you have a bad craving & don't know what to do, hop on the forum & read & post, read & post read & post!!!

Have an awesome smoke-free weekend!

Kitty cat