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Howdy!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Dec-5 by mamamia624; 438 views.

Morning mamamia,

Listening to you and Steve talk about it brings back the same kind of memories(nightmares really).  Whenever I went out to dinner or away for the weekend, I would always end up smoking by the service entrance with the cooks and maintenance workers or hiding behind a trash bin in the back of a restaurant so not to be seen.  I even turned down invitations because  I didn't think I would be able to go smoke.

Nicotine addiction makes us think less of ourselves and powerless to change. Check out ex-smoker Many's story of transformation.


From: Janetisclean


Hi - I remember those car days - going for a midnite drive, 1 a.m. drive, 2 a.m. drive etc ...  Freezing my hands off because I had to keep the window open and stuff like that.

I used to go out to the shed in the garden.   A friend once commented, "you go in and out so much, just like a smoker!" - ha ha!

Getting confronted by our dear children and disappointing them and ourselves.

Get out of the rut!   It only gets better.   Good luck!


Quit October 26, 2014