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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1670255 views.

From: Kittyarnold


love the bird feeder...we had tried many ways over the years to keep the squirrels away nothing worked so we gave up...of course now as I said it is about not attracting bears...we don't need them....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Another chilly morning at 45, probably fall little more before daylight.

Guy across the road is selling his RV and the people are in and out during the night.  Think

it woke me up around 3.  Might go to the farm to work on the tractor today, not sure yet. 

I have all the parts to finish the getting the hydraulic pump hooked back up to the engine.

This bird feeder is spring loaded where the birds sit to eat so if to much weight is put on their

roosts, they go down and close off the holes where they can get at the food.  But smart squirrels

get around it sometimes.  All of our squirrels disappeared at the end of Spring.  Not sure why,

maybe so many small critters that the coyotes moved in.  They usually move into this area when

the rabbit population goes up.  We had them everywhere when the millennium gas pipeline to

NYC was being installed.  They dug creators 100s of feet wide and very deep.  Coyotes stayed

around for a couple years after they finished and buried the pipes.  I had to walk the dogs before

work back then, in the dark, so heard them teaching their pups to hunt and kill all the time.  They

came very close and weren't much scared of the m800 fire crackers I threw out.  I still carry them

and a lighter with me when I walk dogs.  Main enemies, on the road, are always people though,

coyotes will mind their own business almost all the time.  A couple of them once circled us breifly

once and Cocoa and I could hear them growl out in the woods sometimes, over 4 or 5 years.

I told you about seeing a bear run across my dad's farm earlier this year, first time saw one there

in all these years.  Thought it was a coyote or a black dog until he crossed the road, then could

see his legs were extra long. 

I put two bird feeders up at the farm but there are almost no birds there.  I saw one bird while working

all day.  Not sure why, either the smell of all the cats they have or the weed killer they spray on the

corn planted across the road.  It's used for ethanol in gasoline so the weed killer could be toxic.  No

birds are coming to the feeders at all.  Put them up about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Beautiful Fall days, glad all of us are all enjoying them.

One of our nephews was on a road working piece of equipment and hit by a truck yesterday.  He's in

an induced comma.  They saw he's lost one eye, ear, and brain damage, along with a broken collar bone. 

I didn't know him well but sad.  Dylan is his name.


Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Afternoon Ernie

Aint much been going on in my neck of the woods...just the same ol same ol...paid the bills, went grocery shopping, did laundry, cleaned kitchen, vacuumed...LOL  

Enjoy learning all the new features on your camera!  I have a really nice one...that i bought about 15 years ago that is digital...just i never use it...i just use my phone.  

Tomorrow Orkin will be here to get rid of a yellow jacket nest that has buried itself in my wood overhang..been using cans of Hotshot to no avail....so hopefully they can get er done!  And the folks who we hired to fix what the previous painters did...will also start on the sanding and repairs..then paint it correctly!

I like that saying living is much better than dying with addiction!  Very true!  

Hope your week is going splendid!



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Diana.  Still hard to believe I got out of that addiction alive.  I'm so glad it's

no longer a part of my life if I would have one.  When you are in it you actually think something

so destructive is a part of you.  It's because of the nicotine cells going into the receptors in

our brains.  Our brains try to protect it's supply of easy cells even though it's poisoning us and

our brains along with the supply.  Those receptors are supposed to be receiving adrenaline cells

through natural actions and natural life.  Hard to believe, when my mom was young, media was

saying smoking was good for you.  My mom died at age 61 because of it.  One of the best people

in my life.

I got a number of the ground bees stinging me in one area of my leg this Summer, left a wound

that lasted a month.  That was at my daughter's.  Here at home our dog got stung by ground bees

and took me a while to stop them from coming inside the pool fence.  When it gets colder I will dig

out the nest from the dirt against the fence. 

This morning my PC speakers weren't working.  I brought the speakers from basement up to see if

that's the problem, so have music from youtube while I type.  I will see what's wrong later, power

supply is good so suspect the speakers have an internal problem.  Both sets plug into power so the

problem is probably in that amplifier.  Bose makes them almost impossible to disassemble them,

have to melt the plastic around the front to get it apart.

My new camera is same age as yours.  The camera and 2 sets of rechargeable batteries is $60 instead

of $2000 they want today.  Best I learn and see that I will use it before spending that much.  Mostly I

want to get close up shots from a distance with zoom that I don't have on my phone.  I used that

money this Summer to keep Brandy alive for couple months and less pain, then to fix my Monte Carlo SS.

It already had defects, then got 6 dents from the 48 inches snow we got in December, when the tent


Woke early again this morning, not as bad as yesterday but still to early. 

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie......another sunny beautiful day....cold at 48 but know it will be colder soon....no frost as of yet so the flowers are still blooming....got our booster shots yesterday and so far just a little bit sore....hoping that is it....didn't have side effects from other two.....no agenda as of yet except to have breakfast......hope your day is a good one....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  44 here at 5 am.  Wife's parents anniversary party postponed because of

their grandchild being injured badly in that accident.  So I might go south to PA and work on the

tractor, try to finish it up.  Maybe try to finish up the field I was mowing in the Summer to test it.

Today I might try to install a second heat register in the living room, stays to cool in there during the Winter.

I installed the duct work for the whole house over 20 years ago when we got natural gas up here

on the mountain.  Repairs on the furnace will be more difficult now because the store that sold

general furnace parts shut down.  Store that opened up where they were only sells parts for the

furnace that they sell.  I will look for another store that sells parts for a wide range of furnaces but

might not find one, probably not very profitable to sell parts.  It's a pain to wait a week or so for a

furnace part ordered online.  Last year we had to get an igniter for it and was before our store went

out.  We do still have most of the original electric heat so better off than many homes that have no

back up.  Most people would call a contractor to fix their furnace anyway. 

Finally slept well tonight after two nights of not enough sleep. 

Have a good day Kitty.


Brandy last Summer

  • Edited October 1, 2021 5:57 am  by  Cocoa60

From: Kittyarnold


So beautiful....know how much you miss your friend/pet


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  I woke a little early, not to bad.  Another cool morning but supposed

to be in the 70s today.  A good bike ride down to the farm today. 

Finally got the second heater vent in the living room yesterday.  Put a lot of smoke in the house

cutting through the vermiculite flooring.  Day before that I pulled a board out of one of those new

windows I installed.  Before I new better, I put a board over top and went in hard, was making the

latches to far apart and hard to get them latched.  Had to put a hook in the wood and pull it out with

a hammer puller.  Now it has a couple spacers and the rest filled with insulation foam.

Brandy was one of my closest friends.  One of the most kindest, understanding, loving, beings I ever knew.

Brian probably trying to finish some things before it gets colder out, like many of us are.

Enjoy your day Kitty.


Two bedspreads my mom made back in the 80s.


From: Kittyarnold


Our day started with a memorial service for our daughter in laws Aunt....she was 97 then lunch with one of our daughters....and our greats were there too...3 and 5.. such wonderful ages....had a private little chat with 5 yr old and told him how much I loved him...I said to the moon and back and he said no to the galaxy and back...smart child....now Brian is out mowing the lawn....a beautiful sunny day but only got up to 70  I'll take it....hope your day is lovely


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  52 a warm morning these days.  Sounds like you had a good time visiting with relatives.

We had a big anniversary party planned for yesterday but cancelled because of nephews accident.  It was a

beautiful day, higher than 70 here and down on the farm.

Worked on the Allis Chalmers tractor for a while yesterday.  Then went down to the old trailer to get the plumbing

to hook up the air compressor so we could use the 3/4 inch drive impact wrench to tighter the 1 3/4 bolt that holds

the pulley on the front of the engine.  We got another one of my brothers tool chests to bring up on the tractor loader.

Was very heavy and hard to get into position to secure it to the loader.  I fell in the garbage there once and hurt my

lower back a little.   I cleaned the cat food cans and other garbage off the trailer deck so my brother can get in and get

some Winter clothes he left there.  Used a shovel and lot of garbage bags.  He can't walk well and probably get hurt

trying to get through.

Was a nice bike ride down, nice weather and the bike ran well.  Rode back in the dark and bike was missing part of the way.

My sister is going a little nuts and isn't sure how long she's staying.  It's like taking care of two babies, my brother and his wife.

Guess I should try to make it down there to help more often for a while.

Glad you got to talk with a child.  I haven't talked at length with small children since my granddaughter and she turned 18

yesterday.  Have her to thank for helping talk me into my last quit, away from smoking.

Have a great day, some rain here today.


Mowed the lawn and got the air compressor ready to run up at the farm house.