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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1790563 views.

From: Susan1206


Hi Diana,

Did you have your Anniversary Dinner yet?   In Fort Wayne, Indiana ~ interesting.  How far away from Cleveland do you live?  Do you ever get over this way?   We are about 25 miles west of the city in a suburb named Avon Lake, Ohio.  My condo is about a mile south of the Lake so we really do enjoy going up in the summer months to see the lake and view the sunsets.  We took a drive in Jim's convertible yesterday and walked to the beach (waves high, northeast wind).  It was fun but now my only pair of good tennis shoes are sandy and need washed.

Take care.  Celebrate YOU and your victory over nicotine.  May I ask a question?  TMI ~ but does your husband smoke?   I initially quit for my late husband and he continued to smoke....it was very, very difficult.  Susan


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  Tornado was May 3rd, 1983.  Flipped over the mobile home we lived in on this same

lot we live on today.  Mobile home had a basement with steel I-beams. We cleaned it up, built a new basement,

and moved a modular in.  We didn't have time to build a house and we were living in pickup truck campers.

We built the basement of 12 inch concrete blocks.  Did the plumbing and the circuit breaker box wiring, floor, etc...

Also, It took until August to get our insurance money.  They tried to give us much less until the newspaper got involved.

We were only insured for 13k and they wanted to pay around 5k.  We got a disaster loan for around 17k and borrowed

some from the credit union.  The Red Cross put us up in a motel for about a week, at least I finished my college finals.

Not easy to get a loan, I had worked full time and went to college full time until into senior year, then quit work towards the end.

We didn't get as much help as you hear about because the damage wasn't as wide spread as a hurricane.  Today I hear

about people being supplied with a mobile home for years.  I have pictures and newspaper headline but they aren't

scanned into this pc.  Hard to find this early in the morning especially with my wife still sleeping.  We had an electric alarm clock

in our bedroom, think it was 8:59 PM, maybe 7:59 when the tornado cut our power.

We have our granddaughters birthday party today, wife does way to much work getting ready.  She's 18 this year.  She was 3 or 4

when she helped talk me into this last quit.  I was so rich with her and the pups in my life along with everything else.  She is taking

college courses along with her senior high school and work right now. 

I put up a 5th security camera yesterday to view the back yard, would like to see the direction they come from if someone damages

one of our vehicles again.  My SS isn't finished yet, guy says he hurt his back, don't really know whats going on. 

My brother is in the hospital again.  Hope to get down to the farm tomorrow to get the tractor finished without interruption.  I've

been getting parts and repair equipment together for months, getting to be a pain.  Last time mowed the farm lawn and hadn't gotten

our lawn mowed which got pushed into these rainy days, maybe today.  We did get some sunshine Wednesday afternoon.

Still miss my Brandy so bad.

Hope you have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


it is so fogged here that I can't even see the hillside...totally white....Brian is out there somewhere cutting brush...can't see him....but at least it isn't frigid....56 here and the sun is supposed to break thru.....wish I could take pictures and post them....don't know how....LOL  hope everyone has a good day....and stay smoke free.....


From: Cocoa60


Our tornado, don't know if you can expand them large enough to read.

Our mobile home.

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From: Cocoa60


My wife and youngest daughter in the picture.  We didn't get a copy of our story on the back page.  Anne has been gone for many years.

Took us years to do our landscaping , build decks, back filling, etc...

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From: Kittyarnold


and then the sun shone it was a lovely day....hope you day was good.....


From: Susan1206


Very very interesting.   Thanks for scanning!!


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Thanks for the articles. Megan was born in 1980… 

How old is your daughter in the picture?  Susan

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Hi Susan!

No we didnt!  The decision was made that since in Indiana, the employers decide on their COVID mandates...last time we went out to eat...none of the staff were wearing masks...and there was no plexiglass, nor social distancing...the sushi restaurant we like...is a very small and intimate place..that is usually packed...both hubby and I have the moderna as well...and we wear a mask when we go into other establishments..usually i order everything online...but wanted a treat...however...when we look at the amount of cases..and breakthroughs...just not wanting to be that 2% statistic that ends up in ICU. (I am a heart patient as well as have emphysema and really bad luck!  LOL)  

I live in NW Ohio about 30 miles from Fort Wayne...I am about 2 1/2 hours from Avon Lake area...I have been here now for 4 years...and still havent seen Lake Erie...one of these days!  How are your winters...heard it can be rough, due to the lake effect.

My hubby quit smoking last October!  The VA wouldn't pay for implant surgery, unless he quit...so he did!  He has been having procedures to pull his teeth, and do bone grafts...and such..for the past year...in the final phase..only to have everything shutting down for non essential...so he will have to wait a while longer to have the final set of implants...and the best part is he didnt harass me about it...though will say...it was a few weeks...of barely seeing him...(sometimes i think that was a good thing--the man will talk my ear off..did that to me yesterday...before i even had my coffee..and it is all his complaints about the world, our kids..etc etc etc! LOLOLOL)

Any plans for the weekend?!