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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1790065 views.

From: Cocoa60


My wife and youngest daughter in the picture.  We didn't get a copy of our story on the back page.  Anne has been gone for many years.

Took us years to do our landscaping , build decks, back filling, etc...

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From: Kittyarnold


and then the sun shone it was a lovely day....hope you day was good.....


From: Susan1206


Very very interesting.   Thanks for scanning!!


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie,

Thanks for the articles. Megan was born in 1980… 

How old is your daughter in the picture?  Susan

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Hi Susan!

No we didnt!  The decision was made that since in Indiana, the employers decide on their COVID mandates...last time we went out to eat...none of the staff were wearing masks...and there was no plexiglass, nor social distancing...the sushi restaurant we like...is a very small and intimate place..that is usually packed...both hubby and I have the moderna as well...and we wear a mask when we go into other establishments..usually i order everything online...but wanted a treat...however...when we look at the amount of cases..and breakthroughs...just not wanting to be that 2% statistic that ends up in ICU. (I am a heart patient as well as have emphysema and really bad luck!  LOL)  

I live in NW Ohio about 30 miles from Fort Wayne...I am about 2 1/2 hours from Avon Lake area...I have been here now for 4 years...and still havent seen Lake Erie...one of these days!  How are your winters...heard it can be rough, due to the lake effect.

My hubby quit smoking last October!  The VA wouldn't pay for implant surgery, unless he quit...so he did!  He has been having procedures to pull his teeth, and do bone grafts...and such..for the past year...in the final phase..only to have everything shutting down for non essential...so he will have to wait a while longer to have the final set of implants...and the best part is he didnt harass me about it...though will say...it was a few weeks...of barely seeing him...(sometimes i think that was a good thing--the man will talk my ear off..did that to me yesterday...before i even had my coffee..and it is all his complaints about the world, our kids..etc etc etc! LOLOLOL)

Any plans for the weekend?!

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Hey Ernie

How's your brother?  Read on another post that he was in the hospital.  It would seem to me...that he should probably be moved to an assisted living facility...because he is unable to take care of himself...

My sister and I inherited my parents home...when my mom died in 2011, he decided to move my son and his GF into the house.  Deal was they would clean and cook his meals...cause he was diabetic too.  They went on to have 3 kids...and neither one of them worked...they didnt clean, and i went over there one night to discover..my dad was eating frosting for dinner.  I have had quite a few come to jesus discussions with the both of them, to no avail...because my dad--on the one hand wanted the intervention, on the other would take their side...when my dad got COVID and was hospitalized...the POA's kicked in..so me an my sister...went to the bank...they pulled the last 6 months...of records...to find...that the GF was spending more that 1500 a month at Walmart...of my dads money...and that they ate out alot!  My dad was in debt..2 weeks before he was hospitalized...he had taken out a huge loan...he had bought my son a car...he paid for their IPhones...and after he died...we discovered he borrowed against the life insurance policy...and guess what, when he died...GF broke up with son, and left him with the 3 kids...and the house is just a mess...because my dad had 3 dogs that lived almost 20 years...and in their final years...they were pissing all over...so last time i went over there it smelled so bad that i stood outside...and finally told my son, you need to clean this house...it smells aweful!  (apparently due to his bad cocaine habit, it damaged his ability to smell anything--he quit doing cocaine almost a year ago)

My sister is a bleeding heart...and since my son has no credit, he cant rent anywhere and there is a shortage...he is having to stand up on his own two feet...and he is doing good...he has been paying his rent on time!  So at 42 years old, he is learning the lessons most of us learn in our twenties...and it has been good for him...though...he got a major payment due to the Covid thing...and instead of putting that to good use...he apparently blew it on guns and dumb stuff...so guess will have to sit him down and teach him financial management.  (to be fair, my parents raised my son--not by my choice--that is another whole story)  The good news...because I quit smoking, he decided to quit smoking...he is going on two weeks now!  

I know there are products that are designed to get rid of cat urine...and the smell..cant remember the name of the product...my best friend had it...and there was a spot on one of the antique rugs that just reeked...she spray that stuff...and voila...havent had the smell since...(the rugs were part of the sale of the house)  

Anyway, heard you got injured!  Hope your bruise heals quickly!  I take blood thinners...so have massive ugly bruises that pop up...no idea how i got them...and some will be sore to the touch...and they take forever to heal!  

Thanks for the info on the security system!  Will have the hubby check it out...he is my network security guy...




From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We got some sunshine yesterday and many people mowed lawns.  I still

didn't get to ours, getting ready for granddaughters birthday party.  But I'm so rich even with the

lawn not mowed.  So great to see my family together, everyone on a senior blog knows what I


I'm certain Brian is keeping busy with cold weather closing in on us all.  Must be great out there,

I'm sure you told us about neighbors but I've forgotten.  They can't be to close.  Here, about 200

feet on one side and about 100 feet on the other side.  We were very poor when we moved here

over 40 years ago and felt very lucky to be here.  I saw a satellite view of your place on Sanabil, when

it was for sale, and expected you to be spread out and rural there for some reason but saw that it was

highly populated.

Enjoy the day, I'm probably headed south to the farm, hope to finish the tractor repair today.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Susan.  I see you would have to save the articles and enlarge them somewhere else.

Enough to read them.  They are readable on my PC file but the forum shrinks them.  My daughter

was 2 when the tornado hit, she got the worst injury with a fractured leg but believe me it could've

been so much worse.  She was in the living room with the console TV and fish tank, other stuff, flying

around.  I was just opening the door to check on an antenna I had just put up.  Wish I had put shoes on.

So she was 3 when the photo was taken a year later.  Born in 81, she's the one had a stroke at age 24,

and unfortunately likely to have another as she ages.  Tornado happened May 3rd and was August

before we had a home to live in again.  I finished college and took a 3rd shift temp job with IBM, so

worked on foundation and stuff during the day.  Relatives helped, living in another truck camper.

Most of them have died since. 

Enjoy the day Susan, weather improving here.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Diana.  Nobody in our family goes into assisted living because of the 4k to 9k

price tag, giving up all assets.  His wife is bedridden with cancer, also and she blows up at people

frequently.  I have a very hard time helping someone that is ungrateful even while you're helping

them.He hopes to have someone from a government agency drop in for a couple hours a day to

help if my sister goes to Florida for the Winter to stay with her son.

I can only live there temporarily, have a hard time doing that.  I have to sleep upstairs and the

door has to be shut because so much junk stored up there and the cats would hide there.  So

would be difficult to get any heat up there.  There is baseboard heat, I would have to find out

where it's shut off and open it back up.  Pipes might be cut, not sure.  I can't spend to much

time in the smell, my sinuses become congested.  When I spend lot of time in there, I'm still

congested when I get home even riding a motorcycle for two hours.  Wife reminds me I sound

congested when I get home unless I spend all my time outdoors when there.

Sounds like you have a similar situation except everyone is healthy.   My brother does somtimes

like to have others do for him when he could do stuff himself and with Diabetes a person needs

to get up and at least move, to burn sugar out of their system. 

My bruise is about healed.  There is so much garbage around at the old house it's easy to lose your

footing.  I had to move around a lot to get a heavy cabinet strapped to a loader.  Easy to get hurt

doing work with very heavy cabinet in garbage.  They completely destroyed their home before

moving into dads.  They recently wanted me to clear garbage away from the front deck and I did,

throwing some stuff and using a large barn shovel on the rest.  Then they talked like I was going

to go in there and get some clothes stored there, but I'm not, it's worse than walking through a

landfill.  At least a landfill is in open air, 

My wife can still smell things well.  She can smell gasoline drops at 50 to 100 feet away.  I can no longer

even smell gasoline even while I'm filling a vehicle.  My sister is probably like me, can't smell much.

I can smell the cats a few feet from the house, wife can smell it at 100 feet.  So if we get the poperty

I probably will replace the flooring, wall board, and the ceilings before wife even gets near it.  We

hope to fix the house and build up a small horse farm for the next two generations.  My brother

already sold the majority of the farm, the prettiest part. 

Have a great day.



From: Kittyarnold


and sometimes aging blocks some of the good stuff and you are always cranky....hope your day was good...ours was sunny and calm.....