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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 1823109 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We had that wind storm earlier in the evening.  No damage here

either.  Much damage down south.  Was nice weather here yesterday also, our weather

almost a copy of yours.  Even nicer weather today.  I will be trying to get those struts

replaced on the Subaru.  Have to compress the coil springs that are mounted on top of

the struts, that's usually the tricky part.  One year I had to replace the larger coil springs

on my wife's Camaro and one spring compressor slipped off.  It crushed my hand against

the car frame.  Had to have my hand sewed up.  But these coils are much smaller, can be

a real pain to get them into place though. 

Wife will probably get groceries today.  I don't usually go anymore because I am to trmpted

to get myself food that hurts my campaign against my diabetes. 

Got under the rear of my Baja and looked at the welding done.  Interesting how he did some

of it.  Not how I would've but I'm not experienced at it anymore.  Back in the 80s when I raced

a stock car for a while I got sorta good at it but faded out over the years.  Now days I might weld

every five years or so on a lawn mower deck or something like that. 

Glad that Brian and I have this little window to get outdoor work done in  some comfort.  Warm

enough if you're working.  Still have to be dressed pretty well if doing something that is more tedious

than hard work.

The huge Newfoundland dog next door greets me sometimes when I park in the driveway.  She is 100

pounds last I knew and used to play with Brandy. 

Have a great day Kitty.



From: Kittyarnold


Good morning Ernie.....the most incredible sunrise this morning....so bright with many colorful clouds and in the west the clouds were pink....supposed to be cloudy for the rest of the day.....now how will you be able to work on the car with an injured hand?  glad you have a lot of "things" to do to fill you energy level....hope your day is great.


From: karenvans


Good morning all!1! Just dropped in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I had 10 years without smoking on June 27th!! So g;lad I quit and this forum was so instrumental in keeping me SMOBER!

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From: Kittyarnold


Merry Christmas  so good to see you and hear your 10 successful years...

Carolyn (pennylayne1)

From: Carolyn (pennylayne1)


Hi all you healthy Seniors

Stopped in to wish everybody Happy Holidays. Hope everyone is healthy and happy. 

Weather has been wonderful around here.   


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Beautiful sunrise and sunsets for us.  Didn't crush my hand this year,

was in 2001 changing the coil springs on my wife's Camaro.  The end was broken off one,

should have left it but didn't know that when I started.  I'm more than half done changing

the struts on the Subaru.  One side is finished and the other side is out with the coil spring

mounted on the new strut.  Have to get the rebuilt assembly up aligned and bolted in.  The

Subaru takes the worst salt because I use it after a storm rather than risk our newer car.

Complete Struts & Coil Springs w/ Mounts Front Pair for 95 ...

Some of the people you helped showed up to wish you a happy time for the holidays.  You did

so much work to help others.

Today I need to finish the Baja and take care of daughter's garbage and ours.  Then tomorrow

go down to the farm and take my brother to an eye appt an hour from their home.  His eyes

are messed up from not taking care of his diabetes.  Now they might have to use a laser to remove

blood from behind his retinas.  I will probably get down to the farm soon enough to clean things up

from the last 10 days or so.  My sister is still sick with her bronchitis and living back at her home

recovering.  She will most likely go to Florida and spend the Winter with one of her sons down there.

She does every Winter. 

I'm certain Brian is getting lots of work done during this good weather.  He must be building the

rock wall all by hand.  I'm grateful to be finishing the Subaru before Winter completely closes in

on us.  Cars are so expensive right now.  They have few late model used cars so charging the new

price for them.  They know someone will buy them. It will correct itself before long because the

car companies and dealerships need volume to make the kind of money they want.  Not us, we

did the work and have years to go now.

Enjoy the day Kitty.


  Brandy's sister, Dixie, on the left and her friend, Charlotte, on the right.

Last weekend up in Morrisville, NY.


From: Kittyarnold


good morning everyone...life goes on the sun is partly out today.....only 24 here so far....no agenda today except to make chili for dinner....a good cold weather meal for sure....watching the Omicron ...I'm not really worried about it...just worry for the great grands that are too young....only one was eligible for the shot stay well and enjoy your day I am happy if even one person made it because of something I have said....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We just had chili and leftover is still in the frig.  I went down to

the farm yesterday and cleaned up some, then took my brother up to Robert Packard

Hospital in Sayre, PA.  Had to have treatment done to his eye because of letting his

glucose get high for a long period of time.  Supposed to go there once a month for

the next 17 months for eye treatments.  That's about all I did yesterday except exercise

before I left.  It's about 7 hours of driving and waiting at the hospital.

One of my wife's brother's wives called her yesterday twice and talked for a long time.

That family has isolated itself from the rest of the family for years, I guess because his

wife and parents don't get along.  Was nice to hear from her.  We were close friends in

the 70s before everybody started families and careers.  I was best man at their wedding.

Wife put our Christmas tree up and started decorating it.  I moved the furniture around

yesterday morning before I left. 

Have a good day, you and Brian.


Grands last Christmas.


From: Kittyarnold


I like the Christmas picture......sorry your brother doesn't take better care of himself....tough one with diabetes.....hope your day is good....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Nice couple days were getting at the end of this warm stretch.  I see it's over after today.

I was putting up outdoor Christmas lights yesterday.  Labeled a couple strings as scrap for spare bulbs.  Was

over 60 here, similar to your temps. 

We went and got my prescriptions I had managed to coordinate them to get at the same time, some are 50

days, some 30, and some 90.  We found some more Christmas cards my wife wanted.  I only send out about 4

to my siblings but my wife was the oldest in a large family and they remained somewhat close. 

I'm tempted to go down to the farm and finish that tractor I put the new hydraulic drive in.  I had it all done but

the alignment was off, so had to disassemble part of it to align.  It sits there like that. 

I hope Brian is finished with his stone wall or at a good place to pause.  Tomorrow is ice and snow here and Winter

cold after that.  I have only cleared fields of rocks after plowed, don't remember ever building anything. 

Subaru Baja worked well on it's trip to the farm, still needs a 4 wheel alignment sometime soon.  I'm happy the Baja

gets a reprieve on it's life.  I got it when we all stopped smoking and when Cocoa was born almost 15 years ago.  Also,

they don't have many late model used trucks right now so charging just about the new price for them.  Everything still

works in the Baja and there's no rust on the body.  It still has those little dings in it that someone thought they had to do

with a screwdriver or something similar, Wife's Rav4 has the same.  We have 4 cameras aimed at the driveway from different

angles with motion lights that should keep the person away from now on.  Had to install them before we spent money on

the Monte Carlo repairs.  I had planned on fixing the dings in our two newer vehicles but spent a lot on Brandy, Monte, and


My sister had it much worse with my brother, living there to care for them for 5 months.  She's discouraged that my brother

doesn't try to be responsible for himself and his surroundings.  When she goes home for a couple days and comes back he's

slipped back into not taking care of garbage and his meds.  She's back at her home near Williamsport, PA now because of

her illness.  Don't know if she will ever go back.

Have a good day and enjoy the warm temps.


My Baja after sub frame installed but before frame rails were welded in.

Used sub frame from Southern California painted with POR15 paint

before install on our Suby.

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