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Started 8/23/15 by ModDee; 2156774 views.

From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We do have a warming trend here next week, most likely at your

place also.  30s, 40s, and maybe 50s, rain comes with the 50s though.  Possible flooding

with the foot of snow we have on the ground. 

My non smoking years and the Subaru both coming up on 15 years.  Cocoa born then is

no longer here though. 

Worked on my little area heater for my space in the basement yesterday.  Got it working

but not as good as it should.  Little squirrel cage fan in it gave out.  I put a little cooling

fan in it.  Also sent pictures of the sub assemblies of the amplifier to a guy in California

that's done what I'm trying to do.  Says he can help me.

It's Friday and we all have the weekend off so things are looking up.  smiley

Enjoy the day, we will. 



From: Kittyarnold


Hi all sitting here waiting for the big storm probably after we go to bed..../everyone stay safe.....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  We've been watching the storm.  Supposed to miss us this time, just a

little lake effect snow after the front moves out.  After the 48 inches last December, we don't

need another.  That storm cost us some money for ruined stuff and repairs.  Think 1993 was

the one previous to that one in our area.

We went out and got birdseed, paint for the kitchen and dinning room, and an electrical plug

yesterday.  Ate at our favorite diner yesterday.  Wind chill warnings so probably will stay home

today.  Just no need to go out in the cold, supposed to warm up next week. 

Managed to get in a good conversation with my brother on the radio last night for over an hour.

I'm sure Brian can get you dug out of the storm, much easier than building a rock wall. 

Enjoy the day.



From: Kittyarnold


it is snowing like crazy....so no shoveling for awhile...and we are lucky we don't have to go out.....have a good day....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  I saw on radar the storm was there 5 AM yesterday morning and

just receding in the evening.  We only got cold and wind made it very low wind chill.

Another cold day here today but less wind, I think.

Did almost nothing here yesterday here.  Cold outdoors and in the basement.  Gave

my wife her Valentines card and a gift a little early. 

Getting my prescriptions renewed and refilled so the 90 day, 30 day, and 50 day can

all be picked up in one trip.  I have fewer than I used to have but still 4, I think.

Hope you can dig out of the snow ok, when we got 48 inches took me a couple days

even with a backhoe.  Backhoe can't be used around vehicles and entrance ways.

Have a good day.



From: Kittyarnold


we are in the NW hills...the county that got the least amount of snow...only about 4 inches but it is only 2 degrees here....the sun is shining tho so it looks nice and I can stay in ....


From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty.  Still cold here this morn.  Some warmer this week but lower forecast

now than was before.  Shouldn't be to much work for 4" removal.  We still have rain forecast

for Thursday so I will probably go south to the farm Wednesday.  Last time I had to drive back

on snow covered roads.

I installed that new electrical outlet in the bathroom yesterday.  Put in a GFCI, it's on the opposite

wall from sink and shower but probably the law for all outlets in the bathroom.  Have been using

an extension cord on that side of the bathroom for rechargeable toothbrush and radio for ten years.

Had the cord going around the corner to the bedroom.  I still have to do the dry wall patching today.

I still have to use an extension cord but just one wire going behind the clothes hamper instead of three

and doesn't go out into the hallway to the bedroom.

That's about all I did yesterday, good project for a cold day.  Still waiting for the California guy for help

on my amplifier.  He did get back to me, he's having trouble at work and needs to wait until he can devote

a little time to help me.  I can understand his problem, I spent good part of my career at IBM and New York

Electric and Gas.  People were really bad when they went to work.  My wife had lots of trouble with the small

company she worked for assisted living for older people also.  No use getting into all of the stuff.  It's over and

we both have the week off.

We had lots of sunshine yesterday also.  I see one of the solar light strings is still on this morning.  Today is only

in the upper 20s but it's a start in the warmer direction.

Have good day all.


  • Edited January 31, 2022 5:05 am  by  Cocoa60

From: Kittyarnold


it was below zero here this morning but now up to 13...a heat wave LOL.....sunny and today I have to go out to the grocery store....brrrr.....as far as the virus?  we hear a lot and don't really know what is going on.....snow covered and icy...but from inside it looks pretty....


From: Susan1206


Hi Ernie and Kitty ~

Are those your solar lights?  For outside?   Very pretty.   Jim took down the colorful lights we had around our rod iron patio fence.  I figured the neighbors may report us to the HOA, so down they came.

He did get in trouble yesterday as I took the girls (both daughters and granddaughters) to an upscale restaurant for Molly's 47th birthday brunch.  He took the wreath with the tartan bow off the front door.  Yikes!  Why?  I asked.   So, up it went to finish off the snow and winter.

We have maybe the 8-10 inches on the ground.  Has never melted.......I am even using pet friendly salt.  I think it has been too  cold to melt.  Tomorrow's forecast is in the 40's.  Can't wait.  May meet my dog friends and dogs out at a park.

Then, guess what?  Supposedly slammed with cold.....snow or ice beginning Wednesday thru Friday.

Yes, it will be very nice to go to Florida?  What?  The temperatures in Florida this week are barely above freezing.  Oh my.

Keep on keepin on as our friend would say.  The National Guard has left the Clinic so perhaps that is good news. COVID on the downward trend here in northeast Ohio.



From: Cocoa60


Good morning Kitty and Susan.  5 here this morn, slightly warmer.  A little warmer in the day, I think.

I saw a stable on TV where veterans could ride reduced price or free but looks like disabled veterans

now that  see their website.  Very expensive otherwise.  I will have to wait until daughter and I get our

small horse farm going, years from now most likely. 

We have colored solar lights and strings also, dragonflies, humming birds, etc.  Have them around the

pool and at our pets graves.  I also have them at our families graves in PA.  The caretaker leaves them

there when he takes all the flowers and stuff.  I replace them once a year down there and bring the older

ones back here.  The strings have separate solar panels, with a 6 or 8 foot wire, I can put up in a tree or

up on the fence.

Susan, hope your vacation in Florida is good weather and hope all the oranges aren't dying, I eat them

just about every day.  We have a pizza eve today with one daughter and grands.  It's been a while because

she won't go out in the cold or snow to visit.  Tomorrow I'm traveling down south to the farm to help.  Thursday

and Friday might be ice storms. 

I had to glue in pieces of dry wall around the new GFCI outlet in the bathroom so the spackling will be today, soon

will look like it was always there.  I use something called patch & paint, very easy to use.  Mine is 10 years old and

almost gone so gotta pick up a new one today when I'm taking care of everyone's garbage. 

Hope you all have a great day, two days of good weather here.